Political Science at UWindsor

Political Science Help Centre

The Help Centre is designed to provide students taking Political Science and International Relations courses with an additional source of academic support and is run by senior undergraduate and graduate students in Political Science who have a proven track record of academic success.

These mentors will offer assistance on issues relating to academic research, effective exam preparation, note-taking, writing skills, avoiding common mistakes, and organizing study groups.

If you do not consistently secure high marks on exams and term papers in Political Science courses, or just want advice on study tips, time management, and writing for your Political Science and IR courses, the Help Centre will be useful to you.


The Help Centre is located in Chrysler Hall North 1146 (Political Science Conference Room, down the hall from the Cashier's Office in CHN and next to freight elevator).- Offfice is temporarily closed due to COVID-19.



The Help Centre online service is now closed and will be available in the Fall Semester.



Care Package
In advance of the New Semester, Political Science students have prepared a Care Package to assist new students.