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2009 Award Descriptions


Canadian Institute for Theatre Technology Educational Achievement Award

  • Awarded to an individual, in recognition of longstanding career achievement as an educator, who engages in the teaching of a technical or related discipline, while preparing students for work within the Canadian live performance industry

3M National Teaching Fellowships

  • Established in 1986
  • 3M National Teaching Fellows work individually and collaboratively to enhance teaching and learning at their own institutions and through larger collaborative initiatives
  • Considered the most prestigious recognition of post-secondary teaching excellence in Canada


Alumni Award for Distinguished Contributions to University Teaching

  • Given by the University of Windsor Alumni Association
  • Awarded annually at Spring Convocation
  • Honours and recognizes excellence in teaching on campus

Excellence in Mentoring Award

  • Given by the University of Windsor Alumni Association
  • Sponsored by Patrick Palmer (Class of 1970)
  • Recognizes faculty who offer personal, academic, and/or professional guidance to students, and make a significant contribution to their all-around development up to and following graduation


Commerce Society Professor of the Year

  • Presented to professors in Finance, Accounting, Management, Management Science, and Marketing who demonstrate excellence in their teaching and recognizes their outstanding overall career contributions to students
  • Awarded by the business undergraduate student body

Commerce Society Sessional Instructor of the Year

  • Presented to the sessional instructor who best exemplifies the attributes of an exceptional teacher and influences  the lives and careers of his or her students

Students’ Law Society Faculty Award

  • Presented to the two professors who most exemplify the attributes of an exceptional teacher for the school year in question

Students’ Law Society Outstanding Special Lecturer Award

  • Presented to the sessional instructor who most exemplifies the attributes of an exceptional teacher for the school year in question

University of Windsor Students’ Alliance (UWSA) Teacher of the Year

  • Promotes and recognizes professors who demonstrate outstanding dedication to the education of students

Organization of Part-Time Students (OPUS) Faculty Award

  • Initiated in 1992 to recognize and applaud the efforts of faculty members who unselfishly assist part-time students in their efforts to achieve academic excellence
  • Recognizes teaching accomplishments that may include, but are not limited to, effectiveness in large-class teaching, effective implementation of teaching and learning innovations, or development of materials for flexible learning and delivery
  • A maximum of three faculty members may receive recognition for their teaching accomplishments

OPUS Teacher of the Year Award

  • Initiated in 2006 to recognize professors who demonstrate outstanding dedication to part-time students, helping them to achieve academic excellence and greater learning
  • Based on letters submitted by students, the OPUS Evaluations, and teacher evaluation and ratings

Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA) Teaching Award

  • Acknowledges professors who have made a significant contribution to teaching excellence, facilitating a positive learning experience for students in Ontario


  • Established by the CTL, the GA/TA Awards recognize exemplary GAs and TAs who contribute to a positive learning-centred environment at the University
  • Winners are selected by a seven-member committee comprised of three University of Windsor faculty, three GA/TAs, and a non-voting staff member of the CTL