GA/TA Contracts Workflow

The approval of all GA and TA Notices of Appointment (contracts) has moved to an electronic workflow through SharePoint/Microsoft Flow. 

Departments are to submit all GA/TA contracts at:

Review the updated instructions on how to upload and submit the documents (updated April 15, 2021).

Get a copy of the presentation from the GA/TA contract information session for departments held on April 6, 2021.

For Summer term 2021, the majority of the processes have remained the same as in the Winter 2021 term, however, there have been a few enhancements:

  1. As soon as a contract has been approved by both Graduate Studies and Human Resources, an email will be sent to the submitter of the contract to confirm that a student has been approved to commence work (*see also Hint below)
  2. Any emails sent from the GA/TA Workflow to the submitter will now contain the student’s name and student number in the subject line.

Departments will continue to receive the GA/TA reports on a weekly basis, either on a Monday or Tuesday in their Department’s SharePoint folder.  Should departments need to add or remove access for anyone in the Department, the Graduate Coordinator or Graduate Secretary should send an email to to make the request.

For questions departments should contact:

*Hint:  If you receive multiple emails because of submitting multiple contracts or receiving confirmation to allow students to work, you can redirect these emails to a specific email folder automatically without going to your in-box:

  1. Right-click a message and select Rules > Create Rule
  2. Select the folder and set to redirect all emails to the folder 

Review a recording of the demo session for departments of the new GA/TA Workflow (November 13, 2020).