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Report form for a major paper/ thesis/ dissertation defense

Instructions for departments 

Upon completion of the final oral defense, the department must submit to Graduate Studies a "Report Form" with the outcome of the defense and the final grade. The Report Form must be signed by the student's advisor(s), chair of defense, and AAU/program chair. Departments can use any preferred method to obtain electronic signatures on the form, such as inserting a photo or scanned image of handwritten signatures, or having each person in turn manually sign the form and return a scanned signed copy of the form to the next person. Alternatively, departments can use the following instructions for obtaining digital signatures on the Report Form using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  1. The graduate program secretary (or designate) downloads a copy of the Report Form (.pdf) and fills in the information.
  2. The graduate program secretary sends the form to each person, in turn, for their signature. Note: do not send the form to everyone at once otherwise you will have multiple files returned to you instead of a single file signed by everyone. Alternatively, the form can be posted on OneDrive and shared with everyone who needs to sign.

  3. Each person will sign their form, following the instuctions below, and send it back to the graduate program secretary who will forward the final completed and signed form to Graduate Studies (

The Report form will be processed by Graduate Studies and the final grade posted on UWinsite after the student has completed the final submission ("deposit") of their document.

To add a digital signature to the Report form: