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Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries

At Windsor Law, we recognize the financial challenges that many students face when pursuing a legal education and we are here to support you through this process. During the 2020-2021 academic year, Windsor Law awarded approximately $1.6 million in financial aid to our students to assist them in managing the cost of a legal education.

Windsor Law is very proud of our generous scholarship and bursary program, offering assistance to students with financial need. In addition to awards based on financial need, we offer many awards that recognize students who demonstrate good citizenship and academic excellence.


Students may be eligible or both government and in-course bursaries.

External Awards

External award opportunities will be shared with students through Blackboard, as received. Below are a few websites you may consider (please exercise caution in submitting contact information to sites):

View other external awards that you may be eligible for.

UWinAward Search

Student Awards and Financial Aid

Line of Credit

Many Canadian banks offer educational lines of credit. Credit limits will vary depending upon the student's credit history, other debts (including educational loans) and whether the student has a co-signer. Please note, the more the student borrows from other programs, the lower the credit limit will be.

Windsor Law has partnered with Scotiabank to offer enhancements to their Scotia Professional Student Plan. \We encourage you to speak with Elaine Genyn, Professional Banking Advisor (519-973-5396 or to determine how this program can help you fund your legal education at Windsor Law.

Private Alternative Loans

Private loans through U.S. banks require a credit history and a U.S. co-signer.


Canadian citizens may qualify for loans through their home province. Students should apply through the University of Windsor Student Awards & Financial Aid Office to maximize aid eligibility.

For our Dual JD students, please note, most provincial loans will not cover the cost of the Detroit Mercy Law tuition. Students need to apply for a line of credit or private alternative loan to cover the Detroit Mercy Law tuition.

Financial Assistance

Annually, Windsor Law awards approximately 350 students with scholarships and bursaries between $500 and $17,500. Financial need-based bursaries are dependent on a student's eligibility for government student assistance as well as a reliance on government student assistance throughout their undergraduate degree.

  • Emergency Bursary
  • Enhancement Fund
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Ignite
  • Teaching Assistant/Research Assistant Positions
  • Peer Mentorship Program
  • High School Outreach
  • PBSC Student Coordinators