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Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries

At Windsor Law, we recognize the financial challenges that many students face when pursuing a legal education. Fifty percent of our students receive funding in addition to provincial student loans. In 2019, we awarded a total of $3 million in bursaries.


Students may qualify for scholarships at both the University of Detroit Mercy and the University of Windsor, see the University of Detroit Mercy Scholarships and the University of Windsor Scholarships. In addition, the Canadian & American Dual JD program awards one entrance scholarship and some achievement scholarships at the end of each year.


Students are automatically considered for some awards; others may require an application.
More detailed information about award applications

Awards are administered by the Office of the Assistant Dean (Admissions, Recruitment and External Relations).
For more information email, or call 519-253-3000 Ext. 4230 to reach the Student Services Coordinator.

Students may also be eligible for a number of external awards.


Students may be eligible for both government and in-course bursaries.

Many Canadian banks offer educational lines of credit. Credit limits will vary depending upon the student’s credit history, other debts (including educational loans) and whether the student has a co-signer. Please note, the more the student borrows from other programs, the lower the credit limit will be.

Windsor Law has partnered with Scotiabank to offer enhancements to their Scotia Professional Student Plan. The program is administered only out of the Windsor Main Branch of Scotiabank, so contact an advisor to determine how this program can help you fund your legal education 519-973-5392.

Private loans through U.S. banks require a credit history and a U.S. co-signer.

Canadian citizens may qualify for financial aid assistance through the work-study program at the University of Windsor. This aid is based on financial need. Canadian citizens may also be eligible to work at UDM through non-work-study programs funded by the school. Inquires are directed to UDM’s financial aid office.

Canadian citizens may qualify for loans through their home province. Students should apply through the University of Windsor Financial Aid Office to maximize aid eligibility. Applications should be submitted by mid-June.

Please note, most provincial loans will not cover the cost of the Detroit Mercy Law tuition. Students need to apply for a line of credit or private alternative loans to cover the Detroit Mercy Law tuition.