Anneke Smit

Smit Honoured for Refugee Work

Anneke SmitAnneke Smit

Professor Anneke Smit will be recognized with The Windsor Essex Local Immigration Partnership's Welcoming Community Award at a forum on March 2. 

Professor Smit's research includes her work on the rights of refugees and internally displaced persons. She has led efforts across Canada to advocate for those fleeing violence in Syria and she serves on the steering committees of the organizations Canada4Refugees and Scholars at Risk.

Smit an invited speaker at restitution and peace conference in Bogota

Anneke Smit at Colombian Conference in Bogota Anneke Smit at Colombian Conference in Bogota

On 16-17 June, Dr. Anneke Smit participated as an invited speaker in the conference “Restitution of Land and Territorial Rights in the Context of the Transition to Peace” at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Bogota.  Dr. Smit presented her research on the legal and social position of secondary occupiers of land and housing during processes of post-conflict land restitution.  She reflected on possible lessons for Colombia’s nascent restitution process. 

Smit co-authors op-ed in the Globe and Mail on behalf of Canada4Refugees.

Professor Anneke Smit co-authored an op-ed in today's Globe and Mail (September 18, 2016) with former Toronto mayor John Sewell on behalf of Canada4Refugees. Both Prof Smit and Mr. Sewell are members of the steering committee of Canada4Refugees which represents sponsorship groups.The article is entitled, "Canadians are poised to take in more Syrians. Let’s do it." 

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