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Maximize your entrance scholarship opportunities – complete your UWinAward Application! Details on how to apply.

2024-2025 Prospective/New/First Year Students

  • The entrance award profile/application process opened on January 1st.  Students do NOT require an offer of admission to apply.  Once a student has activated their UWIN ID and they have access to the 'Applicant Home Page' in UWinsite Student, they will be able to start an application.  There is not limit to the number of awards that a student can apply to.  Please ensure that the instructions on how to submit multiple applications is followed to ensure that prior applications are not overwritten.
  • The first award profile/application deadline for entrance awards is April 30th.

We invite you to explore the wide variety of entrance awards the University of Windsor offers students coming directly from full-time secondary school studies.  Some awards recognize academic excellence, some assist students with financial need, some celebrate students who demonstrate good citizenship and others reflect a combination of one or more of these attributes.  By completing the UWinAward Application/Profile with your basic information, you may become eligible for a variety of awards.

Some awards require that you submit additional information on your Awards Profile. We want to get to know more about you.  By thoughtfully describing things such as what you are passionate about and why, the leadership opportunities you’ve seized, the achievements that you’re most proud of, the contributions you’ve made to your school and community, or the impact that your educational choice may have on our world, you may become eligible for many additional awards and financial resources.  Start thinking now about how you might answer these questions.

References provide critical support to your Award Profile. These are the people that will speak with confidence about your fit for awards, and will help you to stand out in the crowd.  Give some thought to which teachers, employers or community contacts are best equipped to speak to your efforts and successes. Contact potential references early, assist them by providing a comprehensive summary of your activities and check in with them prior to the deadlines.

For more information please view our 2024-2025 Entrance Award Regulations

For information about impact of Alternative Grading System on Scholarship Renewal please view Alternative Grading System Impact on Scholarship Renewal Document

Students entering directly from full-time secondary school who have achieved academic excellence are considered for automatic entrance scholarships, regardless of the program they choose.

Automatic entrance scholarship offers are based on a student’s best six final and interim Grade 12 U/M level qualifying courses (or equivalent) available in May or CEGEP courses, provided that you have no previous attendance at post-secondary educational institutions. Co-op courses are not included in your 12O admission average (the average of your top 6, Grade 12 U/M level courses). A student's 12O average may or may not include courses required for admission into their program of choice.

The table below highlights the guaranteed minimum level of support a student can expect based on their 12O admission average:

 Entrance Award  Value  Avg. Range  Renewable  Payment Terms
 Blue and Gold Level Support  $1,000  85% - 89.99%  No  $1000 x 1 term
 Dean's Level Support  $10,000  90% - 94.99%  Yes  $1250 x 8 terms
 President's Level Support  $16,000  95% - 100%  Yes  $2000 x 8 terms

Students must register full-time  in the academic year immediately following their high school graduation to be considered. Scholarship payment schedule will be adjusted accordingly if a student's start term is deferred to the Winter term.

Renewal Requirements:

*Renewable Entrance Scholarships will be paid for a maximum of 8 installments provided the student registers on a full-time basis for 2 semesters within an academic year and maintains the required minimum scholarship average of 85% at the end of each 2 term study.

Calculation of Scholarship Average
 1 & 2  Top 6 grade 12 U/M courses or equivalent from high school
 3 & 4  Top 6 undergraduate courses from Semester 1 and Semester 2
 5 & 6  Top 12 undergraduate courses from Semester 1 to Semester 4
 7 & 8  Top 18 undergraduate courses from Semester 1 to Semester 6


View our: 2023-2024 Entrance Scholarship Regulations for full eligibility details


Additional information regarding renewal requirements can be found under  'Current Students'.

Renewable Undergraduate Scholarship List


Scholarship Average Required

Other Requirements

President’s Renewable Entrance Scholarship (Open Entrance)



Dean’s Renewable Entrance Scholarship (Open Entrance)



Ron Ianni Entrance Scholarship



Chancellor Jackman Scholarship Awards



Yves Landry Mem. Scholarship



Alumni Entrance Scholarship



Windsor Green Engineering Scholarships



Bill Eansor Award



Marie Gott Bursaries



Carlo and Domenica Liburdi Memorial Award


Ed Lumley Bursary

Good Standing

First year check-in interview, annual self-assessment update with mentor reference letter.

Students in a Concurrent Education Program will receive their scholarships in their three Undergraduate careers and their final Education career.

Year Career Eligible Notes
1 UGRD YES Based on average from high school.
2 UGRD YES Scholarship average based on top 6 courses from Semesters 1 and 2 (UGRD).
4 UGRD YES Scholarship average based on top 12 courses from Semesters 1 through 4 (UGRD).
5 EDUC YES Scholarship average based on top 18 courses from Semesters 1 through 6 (UGRD).


View the policy here.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact us by submitting a service request via ask.uwindsor.ca.

The UWinAward Application for students entering the University of Windsor in September, directly from high school, open on January 1.  Students do NOT require an offer of admission to apply.  Once a student has activated their UWIN ID and they have access to the 'Applicant Home Page' in UWinsite Student, they will be able to start an application.  There is not limit to the number of awards that a student can apply to. Most entrance awards have a deadline of April 30.  Click here for instructions on how to apply.

Some other useful links:

Scholarship Application Resources
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Alumni Entrance Awards
Bill Eansor Award Application

Students who complete the Specialist High Skills Major Program (SHSM) as part of their secondary school OSSD requirements with an entering 12O average of 80% or greater as of May 1st, are eligible to apply for the $1,000 Specialist High Skills Major Scholarship.  Students must be enrolled full-time in the fall and/or winter term in the year that they receive their offer of admission. Scholarships will be applied to the Winter payment term. To apply, students should log in to UWinsiteStudent > Student Homepage > Award Profile between August 1 and September 15 to apply.  Students will be required to upload supporting documentation to confirm their completion of the program i.e. OSSD transcript with red seal.

UWindsor Skills Competition Scholarships

The University of Windsor is committed to supporting students who are excelling academically and who go above and beyond by competing in a variety of skills competitions and challenges.  UWindsor Skills Competition Scholarships can be received in addition to an open entrance scholarship or any other award that the student is eligible to receive. You can also receive multiple skills competition scholarships!

To qualify, students must be entering directly from full-time secondary school studies into a first year, undergraduate program at the University of Windsor. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of the terms and conditions that are specific to each award. scholarships cannot be transferred to another student and are applied directly to a student's tuition account in the fall term, provided that the student has confirmed their scholarship by completing the registration form and they have registered as a full-time student.

To apply for a University of Windsor Skills Competition Scholarship, complete your UWinAward Entrance Application Profile.

Once you have submitted your application, please have your mentor complete the Skills Competition Scholarships Attestation Form. Once completed, please upload your form to your UWinAward Entrance Application Profile by deadline noted for the award(s).  

Currently, the University of Windsor is offering the following Skills Competition Scholarships:

Event: FIRST Robotics - Windsor Essex Great Lakes District Event or ANY FIRST Robotics event held anywhere in the world.

Date: TBD - Scholarships will still be available provided you can document that have been preparing for a competition as we recognize that events have been cancelled due to COVID restrictions.  Eligible participation on a Robotics team may have been completed in either grades 9 through 12.

Value: $1000 (Skills Competition Scholarship)

Deadline: April 30

Award Description: The University of Windsor seeks to acknowledge participation in the Windsor-Essex Great Lakes District FIRST Robotics competition.  Eligible recipients must be currently in Grade 12 and planning to attend the University of Windsor as a full-time, undergraduate student in the upcoming Fall semester.

** If you will be participating in the First Robotics (and have applied on the UWinAward Entrance Application Profile) you will be considered for a $1000 Skills Competition Scholarship. Students offered admission and who register in a Science, Engineering or Business program will be considered for an additional $1000 scholarship.  Students entering Computer Science can apply for an additional $1000 scholarship.

Required Documents:

Please complete the attestation form available from our website and upload as part of your entering student profile and application for entrance awards  Applicant Homepage > Award Profile>.  

Please note that provided you are participating and preparing for a skills competition, you may submit the attestation form as some of the events may take place after the deadline or have been cancelled due to COVID-19. You can be considered on the basis that you have been preparing for an event that may have been cancelled. 

The $1000 Computer Science First Robotics Scholarship is a separate competition process.  Please visit the Computer Science webpage.

UWindsor Special Event Awards

The University of Windsor is committed to supporting students who are interested in learning more about what the University of Windsor has to offer. UWindsor Special Event Awards can be received in addition to an open entrance scholarship or any other award that the student is eligible to receive. You can also receive multiple special event awards!

To qualify, students must be entering directly from full-time secondary school studies into a first year, undergraduate program at the University of Windsor. Awards are given on the basis of the terms and conditions that are specific to each award. They cannot be transferred to another student. Awards are applied directly to a student's tuition account upon full-time registration.

UWindsor Special Event Awards are advertised through student recruitment activities.

You’re dedicated, you’re disciplined, and your GPA shows it.
But more than that, you’re a leader. You want to use learning, research, and knowledge to give back to others

The Outstanding Scholars program is for you. If your high school GPA is over 85%, you should consider the benefits the OS program can offer you. University of Windsor students can also apply after completing their first year.

Outstanding Scholars is an exclusive learning enrichment program. We want to help you achieve the most outstanding version of yourself.

Learn more...

If you’re a student athlete interested in playing for an interuniversity athletic team you may be considered for a an athletic scholarship up to $5000.

  • Selection of candidates, who are entering student athletes, will be based on academic achievement and athletic excellence.
  • The awards will be administered in accordance with all Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) and Ontario University Athletics (OUA) regulations.

If you are a student athlete and you are applying for the Ontario Student Assistance Program, please complete the UWinAward Student Profile (available July 1).

Please ensure you have identified your interest in playing for one of the Lancer varsity teams by contacting the team coach. Interested student-athletes should contact Athletics & Recreational Services at (519) 253-3000, ext. 2437 or visit The UWindsor Lancers.

Students who have been admitted to the University of Windsor, but who have been granted a one year admission deferral from the Admissions office will automatically be considered for all University-sponsored Renewable Entrance Scholarship (exceptions may apply). A scholarship deferral application is not generally required in these cases.  Donor-sponsored awards cannot be deferred.

View the Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship Deferral Policy

If you are a student with a documented permanent disability, exceptions to the full-time course load requirement may apply. Please contact us at award1@uwindsor.ca

Students who have been identified as having a permanent disability will be considered a full time student, for scholarship purposes, provided they are registered in a minimum 40% course load

Please check back for updates regarding entering Law student scholarships, bursaries and awards for 2024-25 academic year. 


On August 1, education in-course scholarship applications will open.

If you require assistance with your UWinAward application drop-in sessions are available.  Visit the Student Awards and Financial Aid webpage to learn more about how to apply for scholarships and bursaries at the University of Windsor which includes a how-to document and a video tutorial.

Services Available:

You may reach our office at: (519) 253-3000 Ext. 3300

Regular SAFA Service Hours 

 Monday  1:00PM - 4:00PM
 Tuesday  1:00PM - 4:00PM
 Wednesday    9:00AM - 12:00PM; 2:00PM - 4:00PM
 Thursday  9:00AM - 12:00PM; 2:00PM - 4:00PM
 Friday   1:00PM - 4:00PM


Please refer to ask.uwindsor.ca as there may be a knowledge base article that may answer your question.

In order to better assist you, please always include your UWindsor Student Number in your communications.

Students should complete their UWinAward Student Application/Profile via UWinsite Student > Student Homepage > Award Profile to be matched with eligible funding opportunities.

Additional Information for Domestic Students who are experiencing financial hardship.

Additional Information for International Students who are experiencing financial hardship.

If you require additional assistance you may contact our office by email at award1@uwindsor.ca.



Documents may be faxed, sent as an attachment via email at award1@uwindsor.ca, or placed in our drop-box located in the lobby of CHT or mailed to:

Student Awards & Financial Aid
University of Windsor
401 Sunset Ave. CHT Room 102
Windsor, ON N9B 3P4

Fax: (519) 973-7087

Please refer to https://ask.uwindsor.ca/ as there may be a knowledge base article that may answer your question.


Student Awards & Financial Aid Office

University of Windsor
Chrysler Hall Tower, 1st Floor
401 Sunset Avenue
Windsor, ON, Canada, N9B 3P4

We are available for in-person service during the following hours:

Regular SAFA Service Hours

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To enter our in-person service queue with the Student Awards or the Financial Aid office, please scan this QR Code or click if using a mobile device:

If you feel that you need to talk to someone about your situation, please take the following steps:

1) Try asking your question using https://ask.uwindsor.ca.  We have many knowledge base articles that might be able to assist you with your question.

2) Log on to https://ask.uwindsor.ca to submit a service request and a Student Awards or Financial Aid Representative will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

3) Call our office during our phone service hours.  A Student Award or Financial Aid Representative may be able to resolve your issue over the phone.

4) If options 1) through 3) do not resolve your issue,  we will schedule you a virtual Teams meeting/appointment with a Student Awards or Financial Aid Specialist for a time that is mutually convenient.


UWinAward Profile/Application Support

Here is the schedule for our virtual drop-in sessions available for students who require assistance with their UWinAward Profile/Application for bursary and scholarship applications.

Important Notes:

  • We will attempt to return messages and service requests within 2 business days where possible.  In September, January & May however, our response time may be closer to 7-10 business days.

  • Please do not leave/send multiple messages/emails as this will delay our response time.