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Our Team

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Dusty (She/Her)

Director of Sexual Violence Prevention, Resistance, and Support      

                       Dr. Dusty Johnstone    

Dr. Dusty Johnstone is the Director of Sexual Violence Prevention, Resistance, and Support at the University of Windsor. Her primary role is to provide support to members of the campus community who have experienced sexual violence. She is also responsible for coordinating campus-wide sexual assault awareness campaigns, developing training for staff and faculty, and implementing best-practice educational programs for students. Dusty has been a member of the University of Windsor community since 2005.

She completed both her MA and PhD degrees in the Department of Psychology. Dusty taught in Women’s and Gender Studies for five years, overseeing the implementation of the University of Windsor’s nationally recognized Bystander Initiative to End Sexual Assault. Her research on women’s experiences of rape has been recognized by the American Psychological Association, and she has been awarded for her innovative teaching of sexual violence for the Psychological Study of Social Issues.


  • Accessing support
  • Disclosure Training for staff & faculty

Contact Dusty at dustyj@uwindsor.ca

Anne (She/Her)

Sexual Violence Education Specialist

                       Anne Rudzinski

Anne Rudzinski is the Sexual Violence Education Specialist. Her role centres around providing educational experiences about sexual violence, consent, and support at the University of Windsor. Anne is also responsible for the implementation of the Flip the Script™ Program with EAAA at the University of Windsor, and works with Wen Do Women's Self Defence to bring their programming to our campus. Anne runs the Prevent Resist Support podcast in addition to the social media presence for the Prevent Resist Support campaign. Anne is also the Co-chair of the UWindsor PRIDE Committee.

Anne completed her Bachelor’s degrees in Anthropology and Psychology at the University of Windsor, and her Master’s in Community Psychology at Wilfrid Laurier University. She has conducted research on women’s experiences of verbal sexual coercion, and their labelling of those events. Anne has also conducted research on bystander intervention programming, from an intersectional perspective. Anne has taught in the Women & Gender Studies department at the University of Windsor and in Community Studies at St. Clair College.


  • The Sexual Wellness & Consent Committee


  • The Flip the Script™ with EAAA Program
  • Self defence courses


  • Disclosure Training for students
  • The Survivor & Supporter event series
  • The Survivorship zine

Contact Anne at arudzins@uwindsor.ca

Frankie (She/Her)

Coordinator of University of Windsor's Bystander Initiative

                                   Dr. Frances (Frankie) Cachon

Dr. Frances (Frankie) Cachon is a Learning Specialist in Women’s and Gender Studies. She serves as the Acting Coordinator of the University of Windsor’s Bystander Initiative, a campus-wide sexual violence prevention program.

Frankie holds a PhD in Sociology with a specialization in Social Justice. Her research interests include the bystander approach as a means of engaging post-secondary communities in the prevention of sexual violence, feminist pedagogies, and youth-led social change.


  • The The Bystander Initiative Practical Strategies for Social Change (3500)
  • Practicum in Social Change (4500)
  • The Bringing in the Bystander workshop

Contact Frankie at mfcachon@uwindsor.ca

Danielle (She/Her)


                                   Danielle Reaume

Danielle Reaume is the Secretary in Women’s and Gender Studies providing administrative support to its academic programs and initiatives, such as the Bystander Initiative and Walls to Bridges since 2005. In this position, Danielle has been involved in delivering feminist programming in the Windsor-Essex area, including the Distinguished Visitors in Women’s Studies Program which brings prominent Canadian feminists to speak at the University of Windsor and in the community, and providing financial accounting support to the documentary film This Is What a Feminist Sounds Like (2012) featuring local social justice activist, Patricia Noonan.

Danielle provides administrative support to the Health Research Centre for the Study of Violence Against Women which brings together faculty and student researchers across disciplines to collaborate on research projects and host events for campus and community around the praxis of research and practice in supporting women experiencing violence.  As a research administrative assistant, she has supported major projects led by Canada Research Chair, Dr. Charlene Senn, a leader in sexual violence resistance education.

In her spare time, Danielle helps run a local animal rescue which brings abandoned and mistreated dogs and cats into loving foster homes while they receive veterinary care and await their perfect forever homes.  She has delivered several educational events and media interviews related to animal rescue and continues to advocate on behalf of those without a voice.


  • Questions about the Bystander Initiative

Resist, Support

  • Questions about the Office of Sexual Violence Prevention, Resistance, and Support

Contact Danielle at bystander@uwindsor.ca