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UWinsite Student Update #3


Tentatively, the validation period for Intersession/Summer 2019 will open Monday, March 25.  

The validation period is when you can start planning your classes and adding them to your shopping cart in UWinsite Student (so long as you are eligible). It is also when the list of classes offered in the Intersession/Summer 2019 term will be close to complete. This list, however, can change right up until the start of classes based on information provided by Faculties so it is recommended you keep checking.  

Registration for Intersession/Summer 2019 classes is tentatively scheduled to start Friday, April 5. Registration is when you can enrol in your classes through UWinsite Student. 


The Enrolment Verification Letter, also known as a Letter of Enrolment, is an official document verifying your enrolment at the University of Windsor. It is often required by financial institutions, organizations or agencies. 

If you are registered in classes, you can generate your Enrolment Verification Letter electronically, free of charge, through UWinsite Student.  

Recently, a couple of fixes to Enrolment Verification Letters were rolled out. Specifically, the letters now include Date of Completion and Expected Graduate Date. Blank letters are also no longer being generated.  

In the near future, Program of Study will also be added to the Enrolment Verification Letter and Co-Op Enrolment Status will be adjusted to reflect full-time registration.  

Check out this article to learn how to generate your Enrolment Verification Letter in UWinsite Student


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