Forms for Faculty/Staff

UWinsite Student Request for Access

New employees, staff who have changed positions or those requesting a modification to their current access to UWinsite Student can submit their request by opening a ticket.  Processing of this request may take 3 to 5 business days. The UWinsite Student - Request for Access ticket can be accessed with your UWin ID and Password.

Course Add Form: Special Circumstances

Students (excluding Business) must use this form to request permission to add a course:

  • in an overload situation
  • in a time conflict situation
  • in a late situation
  • as an audit

Academic Advising Course Substitution Form

This form is required to request a course substitution for a student's Academic Advisement.  All substitutions must comply with the Senate Policy on Course Equivalency.

Change of Grade Form

Revised grades for terms prior to Fall 2018 may be submitted on this form.