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Notes on Validation (Shopping Cart):

  • Students can plan their courses and add them to their shopping cart in UWinsite Student.
  • For help planning your classes in UWinsite Student, please read this ask.UWindsor article.

Notes on Registration / Appointment Times:

  • Students can check their UWinsite Student account for their appointment times. For help finding registration appointment times in UWinsite Student, please refer to this ask.UWindsor article.
  • Registration resources abound! Please choose the format that suits you best. We have videosarticles or a PDF guide.


Course Delivery Methods:

UWindsor courses will be delivered through a blend of face-to-face and online courses.  There are some important pieces of information that will help you with course registration for the semester. 

Not Applicable/Blank

If you see "Not Applicable" listed under Days and Times when adding a course to your shopping cart in UWinsite Student, it means the course will be offered asynchronously. Asynchronous courses are usually designed without components such as live lectures or class meetings, and often have highly flexible schedules.

If you are looking at the timetable, and the DaysStart Time and Stop Time columns are blank, it also means the course will be offered asynchronously. 

Sample of Timetable entry




Asynchronous Online

Another way that an asynchronous course may be designated is through the Room associated with the class.  If the room is listed as ‘Asynchronous Online’, it means the course will be offered asynchronously. As stated above, asynchronous courses are usually designed without components such as live lectures or class meetings, and often have highly flexible schedules.

Synchronous Online

If you see Days and Times listed for a course along with associated Room of ‘Synchronous Online’ when adding a course in UWinsite Student, it means the course will be offered online but at a scheduled meeting time.  Synchronous courses are usually designed and facilitated using digital/web-based technologies.  Classes meet online in real-time at scheduled meeting times. 

Livestream (Hyflex)

If you see two or more sections of a course where the Class has a section number ending in ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘O’ (for example), where the ‘A’ or ‘B’ section has a classroom associated with it and the ‘O’ section has the associated Room of ‘Livestream (Hyflex)’, it means the course is hyflex.  This means that you have the option to select either the face-to-face section (‘A’ or ‘B’) OR the online section (‘O’) when registering.  Hyflex courses mean the content is designed to provide choice to students in how they learn.  Students in the online section will join real-time classes via digital or web-based technologies.  All students, regardless of the section they choose will be participating in the same lecture at the same time, allowing an integration of online and face-to-face learners.  Examinations in Hyflex courses will take place online.

Face to Face – In Person

If you see a class with a schedule Day and Time as well as a classroom assigned under Room it means that the course will be offered face to face/in person only.  There may be limited opportunities to have an accommodation for online learning in discussion with the Instructor. 


Other Important Information

In addition to the various ways courses will be scheduled, it will be important to review the class notes and schedules in more detail.  This information can be viewed by clicking the Class hyperlink.

Further information and notes for the class will be shown under ‘Enrollment Information’.  This can include information on days, times, groups, or other pertinent information associated with the class section.  Please note that different information may be available for each component of the class (ie notes on the lecture section as well as different notes on the lab section, if applicable).

Further details on the class can be seen under ‘Meeting Information’.  This can include more detailed information on when the class will be offered.  As an example, this can include information on the weeks that the class will meet face to face.

Information on seating reserves and other information about the seats available in a class may be found under ‘Class Availability’  This will provide information about whether some seats have been set aside for specific groups of students.


UWinsite Student

The University offers an extensive variety of courses throughout the day and evening. In UWinsite Student you can review class schedules, prerequisites and examination schedules.

Class schedules provide the time and location of lecture and laboratory sessions. Some courses have restrictions or prerequisites. Please review requirements before selecting courses. While each course cannot be offered each semester, every effort is put into ensuring that students will be able to register for the courses they need to graduate.

The University of Windsor releases its final exam schedule after the semester is underway to reduce the number of conflicts. Once released, you can find your exam schedule in UWinsite Student under the Manage Classes tile. Final exams are scheduled for approximately 10 days at the end of the Fall and Spring semesters and for a shorter period at the end of the Intersession/Summer term. You must be available for the entire final exam period.