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Inter-Session / Summer Session 2021 Registration

UWindsor Inter-Session / Summer Session 2021 courses, including their final exams, will be delivered primarily online. 

Not Applicable/Blank

If you see "Not Applicable" listed under Days and Times when adding a course to your shopping cart in UWinsite Student, it means the course will be offered asynchronously. Asynchronous courses are usually designed without components such as live lectures or class meetings, and often have highly flexible schedules. Learn more.

Asynchronous Course Listing in UWinsite Student

If you are looking at the timetable, and the DaysStart Time and Stop Time columns are blank, it also means the course will be offered asynchronously. 

Sample of Timetable entry



Validation Opens: Monday, March 29, 2021

  • Students can begin planning their Inter-Session / Summer Session 2021 courses and adding them to their shopping cart in UWinsite Student.
  • For help planning your classes in UWinsite Student, please read this ask.UWindsor article.

Registration for UNDERGRAD Opens by Appointment Time: Monday, April 5, 2021

  • Students can check their @uwindsor.ca email accounts and UWinsite Student for their appointment times. For help finding registration appointment times in UWinsite Student, please refer to this ask.UWindsor article.
  • Registration resources abound! Please choose the format that suits you best. We have videosarticles or a PDF guide.

Course Registration

Register for courses by signing in to UWinsite Student. While the platform is mobile friendly, we recommend you register for courses on your laptop or desktop computer.

Resources to help you register, including videos, articles and a PDF guide are available. Choose the format that suits you best here. 

UWinsite Student

The University offers an extensive variety of courses throughout the day and evening. In UWinsite Student you can review class schedules, prerequisites and examination schedules.

Class schedules provide the time and location of lecture and laboratory sessions. Some courses have restrictions or prerequisites. Please review requirements before selecting courses. While each course cannot be offered each semester, every effort is put into ensuring that students will be able to register for the courses they need to graduate.

The University of Windsor releases its final exam schedule after the semester is underway to reduce the number of conflicts. Once released, you can find your exam schedule in UWinsite Student under the Manage Classes tile. Final exams are scheduled for approximately 10 days at the end of the Fall and Spring semesters and for a shorter period at the end of the Intersession/Summer term. You must be available for the entire final exam period.