Mario Fiorucci

Photo of Mario Fiorucci in front of hanging dressed animal carcasses.

Butcher with Benefits

2000 JD
2019 Founder, The Healthy Butcher Real Food Organic Market

Mario Fiorucci was a successful Bay Street lawyer, but only until he carved out a more meaningful space for himself in the ultra-competitive retail grocery sector. Emboldened by the confidence that comes with a degree from Windsor Law, Mario founded The Healthy Butcher Real Food Organic Market, a Toronto-based outlet for humanely raised, sustainably sourced meats and other carefully curated provisions. Today, the meaty, multi-million-dollar business employs more than 40 people. A passionate home cook, Mario oversees two brick-and-mortar storefronts and a much-lauded, nationally recognized home delivery operation. By feeding an entrepreneurial craving, he’s grown a healthy future for his family.

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