Suzanne Friemann

Photo of Suzanne Friemann

Birds' Bestie

2000 BA, Anthropology
2004 MA, Sociology
2004 BEd, Primary/Junior
2019 Executive Director, Pelee Island Bird Observatory

Suzanne Friemann is quite literally for the birds: she’s Executive Director of the Pelee Island Bird Observatory, a non-profit non-governmental organization devoted to the study and conservation of wild birds and their habitats. The southernmost place in Canada, Pelee Island hosts a remarkable range of migratory and resident birds. As Director, Suzanne is responsible for overseeing the administration, programming, and strategic plan of the organization by practising skills she developed as a student in the Faculties of Education and Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. Her remit also encompasses fundraising, marketing, and outreach into both human and avian communities.

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