Nerissa Villas

Photo of Nerissa Villas

Bay Area Art Dealer

2007 BComm, HBA: Finance (Minor: Spanish)
2019 Principal and Co-founder, Eunoia Modern

Nerissa Villas is an art world professional living and working in San Francisco. As principal and co-founder of Eunoia Modern, an online gallery and full-service art consultancy, Nerissa helps win meaningful exposure for emerging artists by finding comfortable homes for their work. A trained curator, she builds bridges between artists and projects, placing work in public spaces, commercial settings, and private residences. Nerissa’s solid business background means she can engage intelligently with every facet of her company. Once upon a time, that Odette education empowered her to take a calculated risk on a brave new future in one of North America’s most vibrant and competitive markets.

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