Important Forms


Important Forms

Note: In many cases, this resource links to departmental repositories rather than directly to individual documents. This was a deliberate design choice that allows us to ensure that users access up-to-date files, as many forms and applications change frequently.

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Aboriginal Student Bursaries and Scholarship Applications Aboriginal Education Centre
Academic and Non-Academic Misconduct Reporting Forms Secretariat
Access Card Request Form Facility Services
Accident/Incident Investigation Report Safety
Add/Drop Course Change Form Registrar
Alternative Final Examination(s) Due to 3 Exams Scheduled on the Same Day Registrar
Alternative Final Examination(s) Due to Conflict with Religious Conviction Registrar; OHREA
Animal Utilization Project Proposal (and associated Animal Care Committee forms) Animal Care Committee
Authorization to Release Student Account information to Parents/Sponsors (See: Confidentiality) Finance: Cashiers
Behavioural Intervention Plan Student Affairs
Bicycle Registration System Campus Police
Bid Form - Invitation and Offer Form for Surplus Goods and Casual Sale Finance: Purchasing
Bulkstore Order Finance: Purchasing
Campus Accessibility Form OHREA
Canadian Cash Deposit Finance: Accounts Receivable
Canadian Cheque Deposit Finance: Accounts Receivable
Care Alert Form Student Affairs
Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement (See: Purchasing) Finance: Purchasing
Connecting4Success Mentee Application Student Success Centre
Convocation Volunteer Registration Graduation and Convocation
Copyright Clearance Form Leddy Library
Course Equivalency Request Form Registrar
Credit Cards Finance: Purchasing
Customs Import Forms (See: Customs) Finance: Customs
Declaration of Second Degree/Certificate Registrar
Department Authorization Form Facility Services
Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement Finance: Payroll
Direct Deposit EFT Application for Employees and Vendors Finance: Accounts Payable
Disposal Sale Bid (See: Purchasing) Finance: Purchasing
Employee Discount Applications HR
Employee Recognition Awards Nomination Forms (Various) Employee Recognition
Enrolment Certificate/Proof of Enrolment Registrar
Entertainment Expense Form Finance: Accounts Payable
Establishing an Undergraduate or Graduate Award Finance: General
Eye Exam Reimbursement Forms Finance: Payroll
Financial Information System (FIS) Request to Modify Access Finance: FIS
GA/TA Forms and Applications (Various) Graduate Studies
Grade Appeal Request Form, Various Registrar
Grade Submission and Approvals (Electronic) IT Services
Graduate Student Conference Travel Support Fund Forms Graduate Studies
Graduate Studies Enrolment and Registration Applications and Forms Graduate Studies
Graduation Application Graduation and Convocation
Income Tax Forms (Students) Finance: Cashiers
Information Request Recruitment
Interior Signage Request Form Facility Services
Internal Grants and Funding Program Forms Provost and VP Academic
Invoice Request (See: Accounts Receivable) Finance: Accounts Receivable
Key Request Form Facility Services
Lost Receipt Form Finance: Accounts Payable
Maintenance Project Request Form Facility Services
Media and Educational Technologies Services Order Form Media and Educational Technologies
NAFTA Forms Finance: Customs
OHREA Funding Application OHREA
OSAP Forms Student Awards & Financial Aid
Off-Campus Capital Asset Location (See: Purchasing) Finance: Purchasing
Payroll Overtime Form (See: Payroll) Finance: Payroll
id="Petty Cash">Petty Cash Reimbursement Finance: Accounts Payable
Preferred Suppliers and Online Ordering Finance: Purchasing
Purchase Requisition (Form removed from circulation; contact office) Finance: Purchasing
R.A. Salary (See: Payroll) Finance: Payroll
R.A. Scholarships (See: Payroll) Finance: Payroll
Renewal, Tenure, and Promotion Process Documents Provost and VP Academic
Replacement/Duplicate Diploma Request Registrar
Request for Letter of Permission to take Course(s) at another University for Transfer Credit Registrar
Request for Lieu Time Pay Out (See: Payroll) Finance: Payroll
Requisition for Work Form Facility Services
Research Consultation Request Form Leddy Library
Thesis/Dissertation/Major Paper Forms and Licenses (Various) Graduate Studies
Time Cards (Various) Finance: Payroll
Travel Expense Form Finance: Accounts Payable
Trust Application Finance: General
U.S. Cash Deposit Finance: Accounts Receivable
U.S. Cheque Deposit Finance: Accounts Receivable
UCAPT Contract Renewal Documents Provost and VP Academic
UCAPT Promotion to Associate Professor Documents Provost and VP Academic
UCAPT Promotion to Professor Documents Provost and VP Academic
UCAPT Rating and Evaluation Documents Provost and VP Academic
UCAPT Selection of External Referees Document Provost and VP Academic
UCAPT Tenure Documents Provost and VP Academic
Videoconferencing Booking Form Media and Educational Technologies
Wire Transfer Request (See: Accounts Payable) Finance: Accounts Payable
Women’s Campus Safety Grant Completion Report Form OHREA
Women’s Campus Safety Grant Funding Application Form OHREA

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