2009 CLIF Abstracts

The purpose of the Centred on Learning Innovation Fund is to stimulate the development, implementation, and assessment of innovative teaching and learning.

Enhancing the teaching and learning of physical assessment skills: peer mentors as standardized patients
Judy Bornais & Kathryn Pfaff, Faculty of Nursing

Fostering inclusion through peer-mentoring programs
Kim Calderwood, Wansoo Park & Lisa Allison, School Of Social Work

Promoting success for first year students by developing a set of teaching guidelines incorporating the Principles of Universal Instructional Design
Irene Carter & Donald Leslie, School of Social Work

Enhancing first year biology labs to enrich the student learning experience
Dora Cavallo-Medved, Julie Smit, & Kirsten Poling, Department of Biomedical Sciences

Student Academic Entitlement by Year and Faculty
Ken Cramer, Craig Ross & Kathryn Lafreniere, Department of Psychology; and Laurie Freeman-Gibb, Faculty of Nursing

Collaborative Technologies as Enhancers of the First Year University Experience
Dragana Martinovic, Faculty of Education; Kristina Verner & Timothy, Pugh School of Computer Science; and Jelena Magliaro

Using Computer-based Resources and Peer Tutoring to Facilitate First Year Students’ Understanding of Physics
Timothy Reddish & Elena Maeva, Department of Physics; and George Zhou, Faculty of Education

Enhancing the First Year Business Communication Experience
Francine Schlosser, Odette School of Business

Educational Expectations of First Year Students
Jill Singleton-Jackson & Jeff Reinhardt, Department of Psychology

BioArt: Contemporary Art and the Life Sciences
Jennifer Willet, School of Creative Arts

First year international students’ expectations, experiences and challenges at the University of Windsor
George Zhou & Zuochen Zhang, Faculty of Education; Grace Liu, Leddy Library; and Enrique Chacon, International Student Centre