2012 CLIF Abstracts

The purpose of the Centred on Learning Innovation Fund is to stimulate the development, implementation, and assessment of innovative teaching and learning. Click on 'Abstract' to read more about this year’s proposals:

Business Simulation to Improve Student Engagement
Maureen Gowing, Odette School of Business

Beginning Teachers: Storytelling for Professional Practice
Karen Roland and Clinton Beckford, Faculty of Education

CSI-Windsor: Forensics Hands-On
Shashi Jasra, Centre for InterFaculty Programs

The Interdisciplinary Playbook
Justin Langlois, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Phil Graniero, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, and Rod Strickland, School of Visual Arts

Edible Manufacturing Learning
Jill Urbanic and Victoria Townsend, Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

An Innovative On-Line Method for Teaching Threshold Concepts in Social Work
Suzanne McMurphy, Wansoo Park, and Theimann Ackerson, School of Social Work; and Nick Baker and Lorna Stolarchuk, Center for Teaching and Learning