2019 CLIF Abstracts

The purpose of the Centred on Learning Innovation Fund is to stimulate the development, implementation, and assessment of innovative teaching and learning. Click on 'Abstract' to read more about this year’s proposals:

Raising Awareness of Impostor Phenomenon to Foster Resilience in an Academic Community
Michelle Bondy, Faculty of Science; Dora Cavallo-Medved, Department of Biological Sciences; Laura Chittle, Department of Kinesiology; Amy (Dana) Menard, Odette School of Business and Faculty of Science; & Elizabeth Ismail, Argumentation Studies

Indigenous Teaching Methodologies
Beverly Jacobs, Valarie Walboose, Sylvia Mcadam, & Jeffery Hewitt, Faculty of Law

The Code of Conduct and Access to Justice
Jillian Rogin, Faculty of Law

Engaging Teacher Candidates in Music Education Through Inclusive Narratives of Identity
Terry Sefton, & Danielle Sirek, Faculty of Education

The Teaching Tool Parade: A Showcase of Practice
Bonnie Stewart, Faculty of Education