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2011 CLIF Abstracts

The purpose of the Centred on Learning Innovation Fund is to stimulate the development, implementation, and assessment of innovative teaching and learning. Click on 'Abstract' to read more about this year’s proposals:

Empowering International Students to Succeed in First Year Biology
Dora Cavallo-Medved, Department of Biological Sciences

A Checklist for Evaluating Course Curriculum and Teaching
Jim Coyle & Irene Carter, School of Social Work

Efficacy of MyLearning Products in Student Assessment
Ken Cramer, Department of Psychology

Assessing Likelihood of Disengagement and Academically Risky Behaviours in University Students
Kathryn Lafreniere, Rosanne Menna, Ken Cramer, & Stewart Page, Department of Psychology

Providing Math Assistance Online: Assessment of Student Learning
Dragana Martinovic, Faculty of Education & Justin Lariviere, Learning Specialist and Director of the Mathematics and Statistics Learning Centre

Alternative Course Assessment for Continuous Instructional Improvement and Student Engagement
Zbigniew Pasek, Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering & Paul Rousseau, Political Science

Using Student Input to Enhance Academic Success and Student Retention in the Biological Sciences
Kirsten Poling, Department of Biological Sciences

A Strategy to Evaluate Teaching and Learning Experience by Employing Engineering Concepts
Daniela Pusca, Mechanical, Automotive, and Materials Engineering

Assessment in Clinical and Experiential Learning Contexts
Gemma Smyth & Marcia Valiante, Faculty of Law