Out of Province/Country Coverage

Out of province hospital and medical services coverage is provided by CanAssistance, through Green Shield Canada, to eligible employees and retirees who meet the Canadian residency requirements. Please refer to the appropriate Collective Agreement and/or contact the Benefits Administrator in Human Resources for eligibility details.
This travel plan covers active employees for 180 days per trip commencing on the date you leave your province of residence.  Retirees are covered for either 90 days per trip or 180 days per trip depending on which Plan they have selected. The maximum benefit is $1,000,000 per calendar year. Full details of the Out of Province/Country Travel Plan can be found in the applicable Green Shield Benefit Booklet. 
Plan members are strongly encouraged to contact Green Shield Travel Assistance (519-742-3556) for any pre-trip assistance, country codes, or general information that may be required before travelling. Members can request a Letter of Travel Coverage from customer.service@greenshield.ca or by calling 1-888-711-1119.
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To submit a claim, please submit an online form at the CanAssistance website.