Tuition Remission Benefit

The University of Windsor provides a Tuition Remission Benefit to full time faculty, staff, retirees, and eligible dependents.
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This benefit is effective for the semester following completion of the probation period (if any).  For specific eligibility details, please refer to:

Employees Governed by a Collective Agreement (active employees and retirees):

Please refer to the appropriate article in your Collective Agreement:

Executive Group and Managerial & Professional Group (active employees and retirees)

(a) Full-time administrative staff employees and, with the employee’s written consent, their dependent(s) and legal spouse are eligible for free tuition for credit courses approved by the Senate of the University of Windsor, provided such course(s) are taken outside the employee’s scheduled working hours. Dependents, as defined by the Income Tax Act, are children of the employee, not over the age of twenty-six (26) to whom the employee provides regular financial support.

(b) Employees receiving benefits under the Long Term Disability Plan, their legal spouses and dependent(s) (as described in section (a) above), the spouses and dependents of employees who die in service, and employees who retire from the University of Windsor and their spouses and dependents shall also continue to enjoy the benefit of free tuition.

The Tuition Waiver covers base tuition only. Expenses not eligible under the waiver program include compulsory incidental fees, societal, health/drug/dental plan fees, books, instructor materials, supplies, and/or other supplemental fees for registration or examinations etc.

Students who are applying for financial support through the Ontario Student Assistance Program full-time applicant (OSAP Full-time) are required to report their tuition waiver amount as "Award Income" on their OSAP application. For additional information, please email Student Awards & Financial Aid at

You will be notified by email when your tuition waiver has been approved.

Please note, students are academically and financially responsible for all courses in which they enrol. Should the Tuition Waiver request be denied and the student chooses to remain enrolled in the course(s), payment must be submitted immediately. 

Daily interest charges will apply to all balances outstanding after the payment due date each term at a rate of 14% per annum, calculated daily, compounded monthly.  Should the student wish to drop a course, please refer to the drop deadlines in the official course calendar, or on the Student Accounts/Cashiers website.

Tuition Waivers must be submitted no later than five (5) days prior to the fee payment due date, to avoid possible late fee charges.  For example, fees for the Winter 2019 semester are due December 15, 2018, therefore, the Tuition Waiver must be submitted no later than December 10, 2018. You can find the important fee due dates on the Student Accounts/Cashiers website.

Fees must be paid on time using acceptable payment methods. Please visit the  Student Accounts/Cashiers website for payment options. The student is responsible for any charges that may occur within their account due to late waiver applications or late payment of fees.

According to the Canada Revenue Agency, tuition waivers for spouses or dependents are not a taxable benefit to the employee. The Tuition Waiver amount will be reported as a scholarship to the student, issued on a T4A to the student.

It is the University’s expectation that employees will enroll in courses that are scheduled outside the employee’s normal working hours.  Management approval should be obtained prior to commencement of any courses held within the employee’s normal working hours. 

As of 2011, per semester applications are no longer required.  Approved tuition waivers will remain in place for the entire academic year (Fall through Summer), as long as the individual remains eligible for the program.  A new Tuition Waiver application must be submitted each year in August, before the commencement of the new academic school year.

All tuition waiver approvals are subject to submission of the application within the required timeframe, and satisfaction of all eligibility requirements and other terms and conditions of the program.  Provision of accurate information is the responsibility of the applicant.  Failure to provide such accurate information may result in denial of eligibility.

Human Resources will determine eligibility for tuition fee waivers for credit course(s) approved by the Senate of the University of Windsor, based on the employee’s employment status, date of hire and declaration of dependents.  Coverage under the terms of the tuition remission policy continues until the end of the semester in which a dependent child turns age 27 years of age.

For detailed information on eligibility, the application process and tuition waiver deadlines/fee payment information, please refer to the FAQ's.

Active Employees

Active employees must access the tuition remission program through the new on-line eTuitionWaiver tool, as the paper application process has been eliminated. Before starting the electronic waiver process employees need to have their UWin ID number, password, the applicable Student ID number and the Student Social Insurance number before starting the application. Upon submission, a confirmation email will be sent.

Please use the following browsers to complete the eTuitionWaiver: Firefox, Chrome, Safari.

Sessional Instructors and non-active applicants

Sessional Instructors, individuals in receipt of Long Term Disability benefits, retirees and their spouses and dependents, and legal spouses and dependents of employees who die while in service will be required to access the tuition remission program through the completion of the online fillable pdf form. Completed forms must be submitted to Human Resources. Once the Tuition Waiver has been approved, a confirmation email will be issued.