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Fees and Charges

Fees are comprised of tuition and ancillary fees represent your contribution toward the costs of services and resources that support the completion of your studies. Fees may vary due to the courses you enrolled in, academic programs and other factors.


  • COVID-19 Updates - About Your Fees
  • As a reminder, for the preparation for your T2202 (Tuition and Enrolment Certificate), your social insurance number (SIN) is required in UWinsite Student. For step by step instructions, visit this link.
  • T2202s and T4As are now available online.
  • The Hub is closed and will not be reopening at this time.
  • Effective March 2020 we no longer accept cash as a payment option. Payments made By Mail and In Person are not available at this time.
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, email money transfer refunds are being processed weekly on Wednesdays by noon. Requests received and approved by this time will receive the email confirmation by Thursday and direct deposit email by Saturday.
  • Cheque (EFT -Electronic Funds Transfer) refund requests will be processed monthly on the first Wednesday of each month. This monthly refund processing schedule will remain in place until further notice.

Tuition and Student Ancillary Fees

Tuition fees are the cost associated with academic program delivery costs, financing instructional and general operating costs of the university. The UWindsor Tuition Fee Estimator shows approved fees for the current academic year. At any time, however, you can find your account balance, including what you owe, charges, deposits and anticipated aid in UWinsite Student under the Financial Account tile.

Student ancillary fees are charged to support services and facilities that are distinct from academic programmings, such as support services, athletics, unions and more. For a list of all Student Ancillary fees, click the following Ancillary Fees button.

Tuition Fee Estimator

Student Ancillary Fees

Opt Out

All fees charged to your account are mandatory although you may opt-out of the drug and dental plan and U-Pass if you qualify. If you have alternate coverage, you can opt out through UWSA, OPUS, or GSS. The University works with the Student Society and insurance carriers to verify coverage and if accepted

Drug and dental opt out is available each term before the final financial drop dates.


All undergrad and full-time grad students will not be charged the U-Pass fee (including the $5 administrative fee) for Winter 2021 semester.

Full-time / Part-time Enrolment

Tuition fees include only registered classes, classes on waitlist or in your ‘shopping cart’ are not charged until registration is confirmed. 

If you are enrolled in a minimum of 4 courses, you will be deemed full-time and charged accordingly. The cost of each additional course is two incidental fees, the student centre expansion and the student centre operating fee. You are required to pay full-time University of Windsor Student Alliance (UWSA) fees. For more information see link: https://uwsa.ca/

You are considered a part-time student if you take a maximum of three (3) courses at a time. You are required to pay part-time Organization of Part time University Students (OPUS) fees. For more information: http://www1.uwindsor.ca/opus/

If you are a graduate student you are required to pay Graduate Student Society (GSS) fees. For more information: https://uwindsorgss.ca/

Co-op Students

Once admitted to the co-op program, students are responsible for paying all co-op fees according to the schedule prescribed for their program. The co-op fee is set by the University and may increase each year. Co-op fees are non-refundable. Fees will be assessed for multiple consecutive semesters, including summer, fall, and winter seasons. Co-op fees are due the same day as tuition for that term.

Auditing Courses

A student who audits a course(s) is one who attends a course(s), but, does not receive credit for the course(s) towards their degree.  Such a student will not be eligible to write examinations and may not be graded but, will be required to pay the stated fee(s) for the course(s).  Contact us if you have questions about fees, payments, or financial policies.

Contact Information

Student Accounts Office
University of Windsor
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Windsor, Ontario, Canada, N9B 3P4

Telephone Hours:
Monday to Friday 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm
Phone: 519-253-3000 ext. 3307
Email: cashiers@uwindsor.ca
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Current students use your uwindsor.ca email for correspondence.