Laverne Jacobs

Webinar series to consider adjudicative tribunals and administrative justice

A two-part webinar series developed by Associate Dean (Research & Graduate studies) Laverne Jacobs and Tribunal Watch Ontario will consider how adjudicative tribunals and administrative justice can be improved on the ground.

The series will see experts in the field of law and stakeholders from different key perspectives, including that of diversity and inclusion.

Professor Sujith Xavier to explore racial bias in legal system

Sujith Xavier

In Canadian courts, who gets to decide if race-based biases are likely to impact a legal outcome? More importantly, when is it appropriate to raise allegations of bias?

Professor Sujith Xavier will analyze these questions in his latest research project: “Who Gets to Decide? A Detailed Survey of Canadian Jurisprudence on Recusal Motions on Bias, Race & Decision Makers.”