Emergency Evacuation Chairs

As part of the University of Windsor’s integrated emergency plan for persons with disabilities, emergency evacuation chairs have been installed across campus.  These chairs provide assistance during an evacuation situation to ensure responsive, timely and safe evacuation of everyone on campus.

Emergency evacuation chairs are fold-up chairs which allow for people with permanent of temporary mobility limitations to be moved down flights of stairs during an emergency or when an elevator is otherwise unavailable.

Safe and simple to use, the chairs operate in six steps. Follow this link to watch the Stryker Evacuation Chair training video on YouTube.

More information regarding fire safety and evacuation procedures can be found on the University of Windsor's Health and Safety website by following the link below. This information includes the steps to be followed if you are a staff, faculty or student who requires assistance during an evacuation, the process for developing a personal exit plan and guidelines for assisting persons in an evacuation.

Emergency Evacuation for Persons with Disabilities (link to be updated by H&S and added)