Renewal, Tenure and Promotion (RTP) Criteria Research and Teaching Evaluation Frameworks


The Research and Teaching Evaluation Frameworks are one approach to establishing evaluation criteria for renewal, tenure and promotion. They can be used to facilitate discussion and provide guidance for departments who are developing or revising their criteria. You are welcome to use them, revise them, or delete or add elements as you see fit to accurately and fairly reflect the nature of high-quality teaching within your area. Regardless of how (or whether) you use the template, ultimately all RTP criteria documents should provide:
  • clear, well organized criteria,
  • illustrative elements of the practices included in each criterion, 
  • an explanation of the evidence that can be used to demonstrate that an individual has met a criterion (generally from multiple sources), and
  • a description of the standard at which individuals must meet the established criteria for tenure and specific levels of promotion.

Why use the Framework approach?

To help:

  • clarify standards and process for new and progressing faculty members
  • offer faculty members the best possible chance to make their case for promotion or tenure based on their unique situation, strengths, principles and practices
  • establish decision-making processes that are clear, systematic, as consistent as possible, and also flexible enough to reflect the diversity of practice within disciplines  
  • create departmental RTP documents that reflect the level of sophistication of committee discussion
  • ensure that departmental standards are clear to UCAPT, external referees, and, should it be necessary, to external arbitrators
  • communicate and value the effort, thought, commitment and skill that faculty bring to their scholarly responsibilities


UCAPT - Approved RTP Criteria 

The following is a list of currently UCAPT approved criteria for renewal, tenure, and promotion (RTP).  RTP criteria are unique to each academic unit, and reflects the diversity of academic, educational, scholarly, and professional expectations within their various disciplines. RTP criteria should also outline how other important considerations relevant to RTP will be addressed, and in particular, how to provide for equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI).

In developing RTP criteria, it can be helpful to refer to RTP criteria developed by cognate disciplines as a starting point. 

The following criteria that have been identified with an asterisk (*) are recommended as potential references for academic units that are beginning or updating their own RTP efforts.

Criteria identified with two asterisks (**) include significant discussion pertaining to EDI.

Sessional Lecturer Provost-Approved Criteria


Other Working Documents


Explanatory note regarding adapting materials

We are very happy to work with committees and departments to explore how these materials can be adapted to your needs. Please contact Edwin Tam ​for more information. The Centre for Teaching and Learning is also available for consultation about developing teaching criteria and standards.