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UWinsite Student Update #1

Support Tickets

UWinsite Student Support tickets as of February 14, 2019.

The UWinsite Student team has received more 3060 support tickets as of February 14, 2019. More than 56 percent of the tickets have been completed. In addition, 12.3 percent have been cancelled because they were duplicate tickets that have been merged with another ticket or because they have been addressed through another channel (phone, email or in-person).

Open and in progress tickets are being addressed systematically, on a priority basis. In other words, once a common issue is identified, these tickets are grouped together. From there, issues are being resolved based on the magnitude and immediacy of their impact to students.

Addressing tickets is a combined effort involving members of the Student Brigade, UWinsite Student functional experts, the Office of the Registrar and IT Services.

Academic Progress Reports

Students’ Academic Progress Reports in UWinsite Student are still a work in progress.

The University realized at the start of the UWinsite Student implementation process that the DARS in SIS were not a complete or accurate reflection of the University’s academic calendars. As a result, Senate directed the UWinsite Student implementation team to address any issues in the new platform.

In addition, course exceptions noted on DARS in SIS are still being built in UWinsite Student because there are more than one hundred thousand of them.

No student shall be held at harm, however, if there is discrepancy between SIS and UWinsite Student. If your courses satisfied requirements as of Nov 26, 2018, the University will honour them. UWinsite Student will be updated to support that by the end of April 2019. 

As a reminder, the Academic Progress Report in UWinsite Student is just a report for academic advising purposes. The University Academic Calendars are the governing documents and students have access to their Academic Summary in UWinsite Student.


Resources to help students use UWinsite Student are available and new ones are being developed. Videos, guides and reference sheets live on Answers to frequently asked questions can be found on

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