GRAD: Deadline for deposit steps #2 and #3 for Phase I...

Thursday, September 28, 2023

GRAD: Deadline for deposit steps #2 and #3 for Phase I

For students who completed deposit step #1 by Sept. 13: last day for completion of all degree requirements, including completing Steps 2 and 3 of the final submission (Deposit) of dissertations, theses and major papers to Graduate Studies, under Phase I (100% tuition refund) of the tuition fee refund policy for the Fall term 2023

  • Students who are completing the deposit in the Fall term period (Sept. 1st to Dec 31st) must be registered for Fall term 2023. Review the registration requirements for students in research programs who are defending and/or depositing.
  • For students who have missed the Fall convocation deposit deadline of September 14 and who deposit from Sept. 15th to the Phase I deadline of Sept. 28th, the Phase I adjustment and the final grade will be posted after the Fall Convocation. See also Sept. 14th - deposit deadline for Fall convocation.