GRAD: Deadline to complete the Deposit (remaining steps #2 and #3), for Phase I and Spring 2024 graduation...

Monday, May 13, 2024
Deadline to complete the Deposit (remaining steps #2 and #3), for Phase I and Spring 2024 graduation:
Last day for completion of remaining Steps #2 and #3 of the Deposit of dissertations, theses, and major papers to Graduate Studies, for Spring 2024 graduation. To complete deposit Steps #2 and #3, students must have completed Step #1 (submit for format checking) no later than May 1st 2024.
Students who complete by May 13th are expected to have applied to graduate in the Spring’2024 convocation, and will not be required to register for the Summer term 2024 in the dissertation/thesis/major paper/internship;
Students who complete after May 13th  must register in the dissertation/thesis/major paper/internship for Summer term 2024 by the academic add/drop date for the term, and will not be eligible to graduate in Spring 2024 convocation (must apply to graduate in the next convocation in Fall 2024).
See also June 17th - Phase II deadline (50% base tuition refund for Summer term 2024.