Fraudulent University Documentation

Ontario universities are committed to ensuring the integrity of their degrees for their many graduates and adamantly oppose any activities that result in the creation of fraudulent documents or false representation of university studies.

Any accusation or indication of document fraud is subject to internal investigation at home institutions in accordance with legislative frameworks such as internally approved academic honesty policies. While the universities cannot speak to individual investigations or to any specific individual student file due to privacy legislation, any such accusations are accorded serious review and attention. Examples of possible punitive actions might include expulsion, refusal to allow admission and possible legal action.

  • Publicly funded Ontario universities are members of the Association of Registrars of Universities and Colleges of Canada (ARUCC). Members of ARUCC routinely inform other institutions of suspicious activity related to fraudulent documentation to uphold the integrity of the Canadian educational system. The Council of Ontario Universities is on public record for taking a strong position against such inappropriate behaviour.
  • Many universities in Canada and around the world, including those in Ontario, incorporate security features and security protocols when issuing transcripts and diplomas.
  • The universities urge potential employers, verification agencies and other organizations to support the postsecondary sector by requesting that transcripts be sent directly from the university rather than accepting student copies, and by verifying all transcripts and diplomas with the issuing university.

The verification of University of Windsor degrees is done by the AURADATA degree verification agency. Contact them at:

Requests for verification of University of Windsor transcripts or enrolment status, when authorized by the student, can be directed to the Office of the Registrar by fax at 519-971-3653. Copies of the document(s) and the student’s signed authorization are required.