Minor in Computer Science

Why minor in Computer Science?

Software development, network and system analysis continue to be the top jobs with steady growth projected to grow through 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations. Our minor in Computer Science will prepare you to take your place in the industry of your choosing while making yourself dually employable with your knowledge of Computer Science.

With the programs you want and smaller student-to-faculty ratios, you can get the hands-on learning that's sure to set you on a journey to a future you'll be proud of.

Your UWindsor experience is more than attending classes. It is a combination of academics, co-curricular activities, and extracurricular involvement. By making the most of all three elements of your university experience, you will maximize your opportunities to build your skills, broaden your personal network, and clarify your long term academic and career goals by difersifying your major program of interest with everything an education in Computer Science offers.

Course Sequence:

The minor in Computer Science consists of the following courses in which students must maintain an average of 60% or better: COMP-1000, COMP-1400, COMP-1410, COMP-2120, and two of COMP-2540, COMP-2560, or COMP-2650.

Detailed Information

  • Information on these programs is available from the Undergraduate Calendar:
  • For further information: csinfo@uwindsor.ca