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Faculty Referral Sheet



The University of Windsor's Sexual Assault and Sexual Misconduct Referral Sheet, available below in PDF format, provides members of the campus community with a concise summary of the options available to survivors of sexual assault and misconduct and those who believe they are in danger. It includes direct contact information for the Response and Prevention Office plus a number of further on- and off-campus resources.


Duty to refer:

A faculty or staff member who receives a disclosure has a responsibility to provide a referral sheet to the survivor. The survivor may choose to act on such a referral.

Duty to report:

In most cases, staff and faculty are not obliged to report an incident of sexual misconduct unless they are in a supervisory role over one of the parties involved, or the individual who has disclosed is a minor. Supervisors of employees have a legal duty to address sexual harassment and sexual misconduct that they witness or of which they have been informed. Refer to Occupational Health and Safety Act and Human Rights Code, and contact Human Resources for more information regarding these responsibilities. The University may have a duty to investigate complaints of sexual misconduct to address its civil, criminal, and human rights obligations. (Refer to Sections 6 and 9 of the University of Windsor Policy on Sexual Misconduct - PDF format.) If you are uncertain, you can contact the Sexual Misconduct Response and Prevention Office for guidance.