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Anti-Racism Pedagogies Teaching Leadership Chair

The Anti-Racism Pedagogies Teaching Leadership Chair (ARPTLC) is selected from among permanent, full-time faculty members who will devote much of their service and, in some cases, elements of their research activities, to leading and supporting teaching and curricular initiatives focused on anti-racism pedagogies in their faculties and across the campus.

2021-2023 ARPTLC: Dr. Andrew Allen, Faculty of Education

“I want to help to interrogate issues of race and racism in what some are calling an age of ‘post truth.' I want to help infuse into and raise awareness and understanding of anti-racism pedagogies into our university curricula — whether intentional, unconscious, or systemic racism — and to dismantling the barriers, practices, and policies that perpetuate all forms of oppression within our society.” - Dr. Andrew Allen

Allen teaches Elementary Mathematics Methodology and Mathematics Foundations in the Faculty of Education’s pre-service program. He is currently the co-ordinator of the Urban Education Partnership teacher education program. His international development work includes rebuilding and supporting an orphanage and school in the Singida region of Tanzania in East Africa. He and his colleagues in the Faculty of Education have taken education students to Tanzania since 2008.

Dr. Andrew AllenDr. Andrew Allen (he/him)
Anti-Racism Pedagogies Teaching Leadership Chair
Faculty of Education