Smiling people with text Employee Mental Health Strategy

Employee Mental Health Strategy Implementation Working Group

Working Group Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference (.pdf)

Working Group Members


Marcela Ciampa, Director. Organizational & Leadership Development, Office of the Vice-President, People, Equity, & Inclusion


Mohsan Beg, Executive Director, Student Health, Counselling, & Wellness Services

Katie Chauvin, Mental Health Wellness Coordinator, Student Counselling Centre

Chris Cheng, Men’s Basketball Head Coach, Lancers Athletics

Iva Gentcheva, Director, Office of the Provost and Faculty Recruitment

Kerry Gray, Director, Talent Acquisition and Retention, Human Resources

Sebastian Gyamfi, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Nursing

Lindsey Jaber, Associate Dean, Teacher Education and Associate Professor, Faculty of Education

Jaimie Kechego, Learning Specialist, Indigenization, Centre for Teaching & Learning

Lisa Kiritsis, Occupational Health & Safety Manager, Human Resources

Lynda Leckie, Scheduling And Examination Assistant, Office of the Registrar

Mary Kay Morand, Coordinator of Field Education Programs, School of Social Work, FAHSS

Venus Olla, Clinical Therapist Specializing in Black and Racialized Student Support, Student Counselling Centre

Anouchka Plumb, Special Advisor to the Associate Vice-President Student Experience

Nicole Scott, Learning Specialist, School of Social Work, FAHSS

Jill Singleton-Jackson, Associate Dean, Student Experience & Inter-Faculty Programs, FAHSS, and Professor, Department of Psychology


Past members

Kyle Brykman, Associate Professor, Odette School of Business (EMHS co-lead)