EDI Awards 2024

EDI Awards Celebration RSVP

April 3, 2024, 3:00 - 4:30 pm

CAW Student Centre Alumni Auditorium

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Should you have any questions please email: ediawards@uwindsor.ca


We look forward to celebrating and honoring the following EDI award recipients at the event:


Faculty Award - Dr. Anthony N. Ezeife, Professor Emeritus/Adjunct of Math, Statistics, & Science/Indigenous Education, Faculty of Education

Staff  Award -  John Hayward, Research Associate, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Student Award - Willow Key, Graduate Student, History

Alumni Award -  Irene Moore Davis, Author, Educator, Historian 

 Aspire Award - Dusty Johnstone, Director, Sexual Violence Prevention, Resistance and Support

Committee/Team Award - Menstrual Equity Initiative Team (Team members: Shae Harasym, John Regier, Dave Schultz, Anmol Nagra and Mariam Morra)

Community Award -  Art Windsor-Essex (Waawiiatanong Forever photography and postcard project)