#IAmSahraBulle Conference

December 1, 2023 | 8:30 AM to 2 PM | Hybrid 

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Scheduled on December 1, 2023, the #IAmSahraBulle Conference is a collaborative effort between the Sahra Bulle Foundation and the Office of the Vice-President of People, Equity, and Inclusion. This hybrid event is dedicated to fostering dialogue, education, and actionable steps against gender-based violence, aligning with Canada’s 2023 theme for the 16-Days of Activism, "Listen, Learn, and Act." Through insightful sessions and engaging discussions, the conference aims to unite advocates, survivors, and change-makers to propel tangible steps in dismantling systemic barriers and promoting gender equality and respect. It's a pivotal moment to empower change and create a more equitable society for all.

Presenter Biographies

8:30 AM: Registration and Breakfast

9:00 AM: Opening Remarks 

9:10 AM: Keynote Speaker: Alimatu Dimonekene MBE, Why the Voice of the Victim Must Be Paramount in All Assessments Where the Risk of Cross Border Intimate Partner Violence is Imminent

9:40 AM: Speaker: David Pitawanakwat, Wiikwemkoong Unceded Territory, Indigenous Justice Coordinator at Legal Assistance, MMIWG2S+

10:00 AM: Coffee Break

10:15 AM: Poem: Amina Abdulle, Beauty and Resilience of the Black Woman

10:30 AM: Speaker: Dr. Venus Olla, Psychotherapist, Trauma Caused by Intimate Partner Violence to Not Only the Person Living in It but Also the Family, Friends, and the Entire Community

11:00 AM: A Moment of Silence

11:05 AM: Speaker: Survivor’s story, Jeanne Francis

11:20 AM: Poem: Mbonisi Zikhali Zomkhonto, Body as a Sacred Home for the Soul 

11:35 AM: Speaker: Nicole Bedford, the smallest steps: Working Together to End Gender-Based Violence

Noon: Lunch

12:30 PM: Speaker: Kathryn L. Smithen, Lawyer, Both Sides of the Fence

1:00 PM: Pledge: Why Are We Here?

1:10 PM: Poem and Drums: Teajai Travis, Healing Power of Drums

1:30 PM: Q&A Session

Violence Against Women Windsor Essex Resource List:

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