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Working at the University - Relevant Information

The following links will connect you with information about working at the University. You can also access these links through the left navigation. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Employee Relations team at extensions 4520 or 2089.

The myUWinfo is the gateway to your Human Resource information. When you access this secure website (using your UWin ID and password) you will be able to:

  • View and print current and historical pay statements
  • View and print current (when available) and historical T4 and T4A slips for income tax purposes
  • Update your address, phone and emergency contact information
  • Review your current and historical employment history
  • View benefit coverages and beneficiary information
  • View pension information
  • View your online training history and access the Required Training site
  • View your Professional Development history and upcoming sessions
  • Access links to such application sites as the tuition remission and UWINCARD sites

There are also links to employment information that you may need such as benefit booklets, collective agreements, available online software training, and much more.

Your Letter of Appointment and/or the Collective Agreement will stipulate the length of your Probation Period. During the Probation Period, your supervisor will be asked to complete a number of reports. Your supervisor will share the reports with you and will provide you with an opportunity for input, prior to submitting them to Human Resources.


Salaried positions are paid on a bi-weekly or semi-monthly pay schedule. 

Bank deposits are normally made on Thursdays, however, on those occasions when a holiday occurs in the week of the pay run, bank deposits are made on a Friday.

Please visit the Finance Department’s website at http://www.uwindsor.ca/finance/payroll to review the payroll schedule.

Lunch Periods

Full-time employees are entitled to an unpaid eating period, typically 1 hour in length. Depending on the number of hours worked, part-time employees may also be entitled to an eating period. Please consult your supervisor. Your supervisor will schedule lunch periods based on the department’s staffing requirements.

Rest Periods

Full-time employees are entitled to a 15 minute rest period each morning and afternoon. When working a four-hour shift, part-time employees may also be entitled to a rest period. Please consult your supervisor. Your supervisor will schedule the rest periods based on the department’s staffing requirements

Work dress norms vary across the University. Your supervisor will advise you of the appropriate work dress norms for your department. In those departments where employees are required to wear a uniform, only University provided clothing and footwear must be worn in the performance of work-related duties