Campus Safety

The Campus Community Police works in partnership with the University community to provide a safe and secure environment to students, staff, faculty and visitors. It responds to and investigates calls for service ranging from general assistance to assaults as well as delivers crime prevention and emergency preparedness services to our campus community.

The University of Windsor Campus Community Police operates a 24 hour 911 emergency dispatch centre for the University community. By dialing extension 911 from any campus phone, you will be immediately connected to a dispatcher. Campus Community Police responds to all emergency calls such as police, fire or medical requests for service.

Along with the 911 emergency dispatch centre, there are blue emergency poles located throughout campus and when activated they provide a recorded and traced emergency line to Campus Community Police.

For more information, please visit the Campus Community Police website.

The University of Windsor has undertaken steps to ensure that our campus community is protected in the event of any crisis. The following are some examples of strategies/initiatives designed to keep the campus community safe and secure:

  • Wireless Public Addressing Systems
  • Emergency Mass Notification System (UWindsor Alert)
  • Departmental Emergency Plans
  • Emergency Support Centres
  • Virtual Emergency Operations

Staff are encouraged to sign up to the UWindsor Emergency Notification System. By signing up to UWindsor Alert, in the event of a campus emergency, it will be possible to reach you wherever you are.

For more information and to sign-up, visit the Campus Community Police - Emergency Preparedness website.

Please direct your inquiries to extension 1234.

Visit the Fire Safety Procedures website to learn about the Fire/Evacuation Plans and procedures. Ensure that you are familiar with the evacuation procedure for your location. Evacuation maps are posted throughout all buildings (on each floor, near stairwells).

In an emergency will you require assistance to evacuate the building? The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) states that every employer shall provide individualized workplace emergency response information to employees who have identified to the employer that they have a disability that requires accommodation.

In order to fulfill our duty to accommodate, we have to be made aware of any needed accommodation so that we can respond with an appropriate individualized emergency plan. If you require an individualized workplace emergency response plan, please speak with your supervisor. Together, you and your supervisor will develop a plan. You or your supervisor may contact Health and Safety and/or the Office of Human Rights, Equity and Accessibility at any time for assistance with developing the plan.