Forms and Applications

Add a Course:

Students (excluding Business) may use this Course Add Form: Special Circumstances Request to gather the authorizations required to add a course:

  • in an overload situation
  • in a time conflict situation
  • in a late situation
  • as an audit
  • Posted:  2023-09-20

Proof of Enrolment:

Proof of enrolment is often required by financial institutions, government agencies, insurance companies or employers. The University of Windsor offers an Enrolment Verification Letter and an Enrolment Certificate. 

It is up to the student to contact the organization they are dealing with to determine if an Enrolment Verification Letter is sufficient OR if an Enrolment Certificate is required.

Enrolment Verification Letter (no cost)

Students are able to generate their own Enrolment Verification Letter in UWinsite Student free of charge if they are registered in classes. These letters confirm:

  • Current registration
  • Year and program of study
  • Full- or Part-time status
  • Eligibility to enrol in an upcoming session

For step-by-step instructions on generating an Enrolment Verification Letter in UWinsite Student, please read this ask.UWindsor article.

Enrolment Certificate

Alternatively, an official Enrolment Certificate can be requested via ask.UWindsor or in person at the Office of the Registrar. These signed certificates confirm:

  • Current registration
  • Year and program of study
  • Full- or Part-time status
  • Eligibility to enrol in an upcoming session
  • Expected date of graduation

The Office of the Registrar will produce the Enrolment Certificate.  Please consult the Registrarial Service Fees web page for the cost.

For additional information on Enrolment Certificates, please read this ask.UWindsor article.

Illness Reporting 

All students (except those in the JD and Dual JD programs as well as clinical Nursing courses who are asked to follow their Faculty's procedures) are asked to use UWinsite Student to report an illness that will prevent them from completing an assignment on time or taking an exam for a specific course. For how-to information, please read this ask.UWindsor article.


Grade Appeals:

Request for Letter of Permission:

Note:  The above Request for Letter of Permission does not apply to Law students.  Please reach out to the Faculty of Law, Academic Coordinator for more information.

Competency Based Learning Recognition Form:

Diploma Reprint:

Request for Deferral

A Note about Service Times:

The Office of the Registrar team works diligently to get your request done in a timely manner. At some points during the school year, however, requests could take up to 5 business days to complete.