Frequently Asked Questions


  • Please note that our office will be closed on Wednesday May 29th, 2024 at 1:45pm and will re-open at 2:45pm. We apologize for any inconvenience. 
  • Summer 2024 tuition is now posted to your student account once you register. The Summer fee deadline date is May 15, 2024.
  • Students with outstanding balances after the May 15 due date will have a Financial Ineligible (FI) flag on their student account. If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to
  • Domestic students can pay by credit card through their UWinsite student account by selecting Financial Account tile > select Student Account Centre to make a payment that is reflected immediately.
  • Update your SIN and Authorize electronic access to your T4A.
  • International students inquiring about their tuition rates: Information on Legal Status Affecting Tuition Levels
  • OSAP students inquiring about their tuition balance: What happens if my OSAP doesn't cover my balance?

Frequently Asked Questions

The USWA OPUS drug and dental plan, and GSS health benefits plan are mandatory fees that must be paid. Because the drug, dental and health benefit plans are implemented and managed by the UWSA, OPUS & GSS, concerns regarding coverage must be directed to them. If you have alternate coverage and would like to opt out contact:

  • UWSA Office: (519) 971-3600 – Floor 2: CAW Student Centre. The opt-out process is on the UWSA website.
  • OPUS Office: (519) 971-3603 – Room 172: CAW Student Centre.  The opt-out process is on the OPUS website.
  • GSS Office: (519) 253-3000 ext. 3915 – Education Building – The opt-out process is on the GSS website.

Interest is added to your account daily for each day that fees are unpaid. Interest is calculated at an annual rate of 14%. Your account will be subject to sanctions and you will not be permitted to register in future semesters. Academic records (transcript, T2202A form) will be withheld until the debt is fully paid and your name may be placed with our collection agency after a specified time period.

We offer free tuition and incidental fees for students 65 and over, except for professional programs (contact Student Accounts Office for programs).  *Applies to Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents of Canada only*

You are responsible for all fees (including interest) unless you formally withdraw through UWinsite Student or the Registrar’s Office.

While your account is still subject to interest charges, contact the Student Accounts Office at to discuss your payment options.

For every day your account remains unpaid after the deadline, interest at the annual rate of 14% will be calculated. Interest will be tallied daily and added to your balance owing at the beginning of the month. Even if you pay your balance before interest is applied, you are responsible for interest calculated for the time period before the payment.  Check your account at the start of the month to see if you owe interest. Interest is approx. $0.04 per hundred dollars owing per day.

  • Contact the Awards Office to see if you are eligible to apply for assistance. 
  • Contact Human Resources to determine if there are part-time positions for students.
  • Contact the Office for Experiential Learning for other opportunities.

A negative balance indicates you have a credit on your account. You may leave this credit on for future charges or may request a refund through UWinsite Student.

You will receive a tuition payment receipt automatically once we receive your funds on your student account. If you have questions, contact us at

If you are a registered student, you have access to print the student statement which is your official receipt. This statement contains all fees and payments made on the account. For steps on how to print your student statement, please follow these steps: How to Print my Student Statement.

You can also log into your Student Account Centre to view your account history. For this option please follow these steps: How do I view payment and account history in the Student Account Centre? Please log into your UWinsite Student Account under the Financial Account tile.

Please see our website for more information.

If your cheque is returned, you are responsible for replacing the payment with cash, debit or certified cheque and will be charged a $25 returned cheque charge.  You will lose chequing privileges with the University for two years. If the cheque has been returned due to an error made by the bank, you must provide a letter from the bank accepting responsibility.

Students can update their address on UWinsite Student or go to the Registrar's Office (with photo ID) to request an address change. We cannot accept phone calls or e-mail requests for address changes.

If you have sufficient OSAP funding to cover your tuition and fees balance owing, then you do not have to make a payment.

If you don’t have enough OSAP funding to cover your balance owing, then you will need to pay the remaining balance by the fee deadline date to avoid interest:

Term Due Date
Fall August 15
Winter December 15
Summer May 15


If you applied for OSAP after the term application deadline date, interest charges will be assessed to your student account.

Contact Information

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Phone: 519-253-3000 ext. 3307
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