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Faculty Members

Andrews, David 

Biomechanics of Injury, Human Factors, Human Anatomy, Occupational Biomechanics

Azar, Nadia

Biomechanics, Ergonomics, Performing Arts Medicine

Bain, Anthony

Cerebrovascular physiology

Biondi, Francesco

Human Factor Research

Chandler, Krista

Sport/Exercise Psychology

Cort, Joel


Dixon, Jess

Sport Management

Duquette, Adriana

Laboratory Coordinator

Eddy, Terry

Sport Marketing

Gee, Sarah

Sociology of Sport, Gender Issues in Sport, Sport Media (Advertising and Sponsorship)
Sport Media, Sport Journalism, Sport History, Professional Sports

Holman, Marge

Professor Emerita

Horton, Sean

Life Span Development

Kenno, Kenji

Applied Human Performance

Kimmerle, Marliese

Associate Professor Emerita
Musculoskeletal Physiology

Loughead, Todd

Sport and Exercise Psychology

Marino, Wayne

Sport Biomechanics with an Emphasis on Ice-Skating and Hockey Skills

Martyn, Scott

Sport and Commerce, Olympic Commercialism, Sport and Olympic History, Sport Management

McGowan, Cheri

Exercise Physiology, Pathophysiology of Cardiovascular Disease and Exercise Rehabilitation

McNevin, Nancy

Motor Behaviour

Metcalfe, Alan

Professor Emeritus

Millar, Patti

Sport Management

Milne, Kevin

Applied Human Performance

Milne, Marcia

Sport Psychology

Paraschak, Vicky

Aboriginal sport, Sociology of Sport, Sport and Government, Sport Management

Martindale, Tiffany

Undergraduate Coordinator, Department of Kinesiology

Salter, Micheal  A.

Professor Emeritus
Motor Behaviour

Sutherland, Chad

Sport & Exercise Biomechanics, Strength & Conditioning
Aging and Movement Performance, and Aging and Expertise

Woodruff, Sarah

Health & Wellness of Canadians, Body Weight Management, Nutrition and Physical Activity Patterns