Minor in Applied IT

Why minor in Applied Information Technology?

Knowledge of Information Technology is a valuable asset. Applied I.T. skills can improve job prospects, as well as productivity for those already involved in the field. Computers now influence a huge range of areas: business, health care, education, government, environmental management, engineering, scientific research, music and video production, language translation, space exploration, and the list goes on! Your added skills in applied information technology will be a real asset no matter which rewarding field of study you choose to pursue!

The minor in Applied Information Technology is offered by the School of Computer Science at the University of Windsor consisting of six courses that provide graduates of the program with skills to help assess a company‚Äôs, or their own I.T. needs, and apply current I.T. to meet those needs in a secure and ethical manner.

Specific technical skills acquired include the ability to make use of a wide range of PC software, write simple programs, create interactive websites that access server-side databases, and appraise and configure social media and mobile technologies to best meet company or personal needs.

Many of the courses are offered as evening or distance education courses, as well as regular daytime courses. 

Course Sequence:

The minor in Applied Information Technology consists of 6 courses in which the student must maintain an average of 60% or better: COMP-1047, COMP-2067 or COMP-1400, COMP-2057, COMP-2077, and two of COMP-2097, COMP-2707, COMP-3057 and COMP-3077.

Detailed Information

  • Information on these programs is available from the Undergraduate Calendar:
  • For further information: csinfo@uwindsor.ca