What Can You Do With a Philosophy Degree?

What do a famous actor/producer, a Pope, and the founder of Paypal all have in common? You might be surprised to know that Ricky Gervais, Pope John Paul II, and Peter Thiel all majored in philosophy as undergrads. Studying philosophy is stimulating and rigorous. It allows you to think about the world in new and interesting ways, to look at problems from multiple angles and propose multiple solutions. It improves your writing, critical thinking, confidence, and refine your thinking.

Don’t just take our word for it though. Select any one of the names below to see the diverse career paths that University of Windsor philosophy majors have taken!

Business/Small Business

Ashley Keefner

Journalism & Creative Writing

Picture of Josie Richards

Teaching & Cultural Administration

Beverly Anger


Sukrat Babar

Social Work & Therapy

Joshua Chauvin


Picture of Molly Kao

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