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International Students - Scholarships and Bursaries

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International students are automatically considered for the University of Windsor Open Entrance Scholarship program provided that the following conditions are met:

  • Must be coming directly from secondary school studies - the student must have completed a minimum of one term of full-time secondary school studies in the year immediately preceding the academic year that they are applying for.
  • In the year immediately preceding, the student is not considered to have returned to secondary school studies to upgrade after a year or more break in studies.

While a student may receive an offer of admission, scholarship eligibility is based on final and interim Grade 12 (U and M level equivalent) grades received (between May and July).  Once all final grades are received, scholarship eligibility will be reviewed should grades improve sufficient to move in to the next scholarship tier.

Students must be entering the Fall term as a full-time student. Winter start students are not considered unless planning to register as a full-time student in the Summer term immediately following Winter. Winter start students will need to contact the Student Awards & Financial Aid Office via email to for eligibility inquiries.

Scholarship notification is sent to students via email.

International students are automatically considered for Transfer Student Scholarships provided that the eligibility criteria has been met.

Scholarship Average: 95 - 100%
India Equivalent: 95.5 - 100%
China Equivalent: 96 - 100%

Scholarship Average: 90 - 94.4%
India Equivalent: 90 - 95.4%
China Equivalent: 92 - 95.9%

Scholarship Average: 85 - 89.9%
India Equivalent: 85.5 - 89.9%
China Equivalent: 88 - 91.9%

Scholarship Average: 80 - 84.9%
India Equivalent: 80 - 84.4%
China Equivalent: 84 - 87.9%

UWindsor Skills Competition Scholarships

The University of Windsor is committed to supporting students who are excelling academically and who go above and beyond by competing in a variety of skills competitions and challenges.  UWindsor Skills Competition Scholarships can be received in addition to an open entrance scholarship or any other award that the student is eligible to receive. You can also receive multiple skills competition scholarships!

To qualify, students must be entering directly from full-time secondary school studies into a first year, undergraduate program at the University of Windsor. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of the terms and conditions that are specific to each award. scholarships cannot be transferred to another student and are applied directly to a student's tuition account in the fall term, provided that the student has confirmed their scholarship by completing the registration form and they have registered as a full-time student.

To apply for a University of Windsor Skills Competition Scholarship, complete your UWinAward Entrance Application Profile by May 1st to be considered.

Once you have submitted your application, please have your mentor complete the Skills Competition Scholarships Attestation Form. Once completed, please upload your form to your UWinAward Entrance Application Profile by May 1st to be considered.  

Currently, the University of Windsor is offering the following Skills Competition Scholarships:

Event: UWindsor Science Olympiad

Date: October 12, 2019

Organizers: UWindsor - Faculty of Science

Value: $1000

Award Description: Awarded annually to members of the University of Windsor hosted winning Science Olympiad team. Recipients must accept an offer of admission and register at the University of Windsor within two years of receiving the award.

Event: Windsor Regional Science, Tech. and Engineering Fair
Date: March 4 - March 5, 2020
Organizers: WRSTEF Committee
Value: $2000
Award Description: The University of Windsor seeks to acknowledge the best gold medal-awarded senior project from the Windsor Regional Science, Technology and Engineering Fair (WRSTEF).  This award will be applied to the tuition fees when the student registers in an undergraduate Science or Engineering program at the University of Windsor.  In the case of a partner project, each student will receive a $1000 award.  If there is no gold-medal senior project, the award will be given to the best gold-medal intermediate project winner.


Event: FIRST Robotics - Windsor Essex Great Lakes District Event
Date: March 26 - March 28, 2020
Organizers: FIRST Robotics Canada
Value: Up to $3000 depending on your program of study**

Deadline: May 1st to submit attestation form.

Award Description: The University of Windsor seeks to acknowledge participation in the Windsor-Essex Great Lakes District FIRST Robotics competition.  Eligible recipients must be currently in Grade 12 and planning to attend the University of Windsor as a full-time, undergraduate student in Fall 2020.

** If you will be participating in the First Robotics (and have indicated this in your UWinAward Entrance Application Profile) you may be considered for a $1000 skills competition scholarship. Students offered admission and who register in a Science program may be eligible for an additional $1000 scholarship and students entering Computer Science may be eligible for an additional $1000 scholarship.

Required Documents: You must complete your UWinAward Entrance Application Profile by May 1st to be considered. UWindsor Skills Competition Scholarships - FIRST Robotics - Attestation Form

Please complete an attestation form available from our website or available on the 'Templates' tab and upload as part of your profile using document code: ROBO.  

Please note that provided you are participating and preparing for a skills competition, you may submit the attestation form as some of the events may take place after the May 1st deadline. You can be considered on the basis that you have been preparing for an event that may be taking place after May 1st. 

The $1000 Computer Science First Robotics Scholarship is a separate competition process.  Please see our website for additional details or visit the Computer Science webpage.

If you are member of the University of Windsor community and you are hosting a skills competition or skills challenge event and you would like to inquire about scholarship opportunties, please send an email to with your request.  Requests should be received at least 6 months in advance of the event and should include the following information:

Event Name:
Date of Event:
Proposed Scholarship Value:
Proposed Scholarship Terms:
Main Contact Person:

International students may apply for a limited number of on-campus work positions.  For more information, visit our Ignite Work Study page.

We are anticipating that the UWinAward Student Profile for students entering the University of Windsor for September 2020 directly from high school, will be released the week of March 30th, 2020.  The submission deadline will be May 1st, 2020.

A list of 2020-2021 entrance scholarships and bursaries is now available for download.  This document is intended as a preview only to assist students with preparing their letters and supporting documentation requirements for when the profile is released.  Submissions, with the exception of the awards that are managed externally (where links are provided), must be submitted via the on-line profile once it has been released.  Please note the citizenship requirements when reviewing awards.  International students can be considered for awards that are for international students specifically or that are considered 'open'.

Some other useful links:

Scholarship Application Resources
Universities Canada
Financial-Need Based Awards Information

Occasionally, international students are faced with unexpected situations which may lead to temporary financial constraints. Canadian students have options available to them that International Students do not with respect to government student aid programs and institutional aid that is only available to Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents of Canada (including those with Protected Person status). 

The University of Windsor has two bursaries for International Students that provide support during a temporary period of unexpected financial difficulty.  In addition, students are encouraged to visit our International Student Centre for additional supports as well as additional 'money matters' information specific to international students.


The International Student Support Bursary: 

  • International students who are experiencing extenuating financial circumstances, may be eligible to apply for  general need-based funding through the UWinAward Application/Profile process through UWinsite Student > Student Homepage > Award  Profile.  
  • Eligibility: International undergraduate students in year 2 or higher or international graduate students in their 2nd year or higher of their graduate program, in good academic standing will be eligible to apply. 

Deadline: The International Student Support Bursary has a deadline of October 30


The International Student Emergency Bursary

This bursary, adjudicated by a committee, is intended to cover a temporary loss of resources and is not intended to supplement a student’s income or to pay for items which should have otherwise been budgeted for.  A student’s tuition and fees must be paid in full for a bursary application to be considered and a student must be in good academic standing. Exceptions may be considered by the committee.  

 Application Procedures: 

Before a student can be referred to the application process, the student must send an email to The email should include first and last name, student number, program of study and one paragraph explaining the urgent and unanticipated need. The rationale cannot be related to finances lost as a result of the COVID-19 situation. 

If there is sufficient evidence to support the request for funding, a link to a Hardship Review form will be forwarded to the student.  The application will be reviewed by the Financial Aid Office generally within 5 business days.  A decision will be made and the student notified.   All students who submit a request for a Hardship Review will be expected to have applied for general need-based financial support through the UWinAward Application/Process as well. 


Questions or concerns regarding the application process and documentation requirements can be directed to the Student Awards & Financial Aid Office via email at



For information on tuition and fees, please visit the Cashiers Office.

Graduate scholarships and financial aid is administered from the Department of Graduate Studies.

Government sponsored financial aid is not available to international students.  To be considered, students must be Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents or considered a Protected Person of Canada.

The Study in Canada Scholarship is provided by Global Affairs Canada (GAC) but requires the University of Windsor to submit an application on your behalf.

Please visit ask.UWindsor to learn more about Study in Canada Scholarship and eligibility.

International Student Resources

Students can find relevant information regarding international student resources by visiting


Effective immediately, Student Awards & Financial Aid will only be accessible via email and on-line appointments as staff are all currently working remotely.  Information and updates will be posted to our website at as it becomes available.  Students experiencing financial hardship should email with a brief explanation of their situation and their request will be triaged appropriately.

Phone: (519) 253-3000 ext. 3300
Beginning Monday, August 24, 2020  phones will be answered Monday - Friday 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon.
Fax: (519) 973-7087

* In order to better assist you, please include your UWindsor Student Number in your email. 

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