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Appeal Forms



OSAP Appeal Information

A student may request that their OSAP assessment or bursary eligibility be reviewed because they have a special situation which is not recognized in the standard OSAP or bursary assessment of financial need.

The following appeal outlines and forms will assist you in determining if your situation falls within an allowable review.  If you have determined that your situation falls within one or more of the allowable reviews below, print off the cover page, attach all letters and supporting documentation and submit your package to the Student Awards & Financial Aid Office for review.

Program Maximums
Federal and provincial regulations and policy stipulate the maximum amount of funding provided through Canada – Ontario Integrated Student Loans, Canada Student Grants (CSG), and Ontario Access Grants.

Federal and provincial regulations and policy stipulate that recipients of Canada – Ontario Integrated Student Loans, Canada Student Grants (CSG), and Ontario Access Grants must be Canadian citizens, Permanent Residents, or Protected Persons within the meaning of subsection 95(2) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Canada).

Independence Criteria
Federal and provincial regulations stipulate independence criteria that must be met in order for a student to be considered independent of parental support. Students who are unable to access a parental contribution because of a family breakdown may have a review considered through the Family Breakdown Review process. Students who are unable to access a parental contribution due to a court ordered custodian/guardianship agreement may have a review considered through the Legal Guardianship Review process. A dependent student’s status cannot be changed to independent within the assessed study period even if the student meets the independent criteria during an approved study period or reinstatement period. The student will be considered independent at the start of a subsequent OSAP application study period.

Deadline Dates
Deadlines for submission of reviews have been set and are clearly outlined in the information the student receives with the OSAP application. The deadlines are strictly enforced.

Funding Distribution
There is no review available for a student to request a different method of funding distribution.

Every student has the right to request a review. The Student Awards & Financial Aid Office at the University of Windsor will review such requests based on Canada and Ontario Student Loan legislation and regulations, policy guidelines and previous decisions.

In addition to the review process administered by OSAP Program Administrators (The Student Awards & Financial Aid Office at the University of Windsor), the student can submit a request for reconsideration to the OSAP Financial Eligibility Advisory Committee (FEAC).

The FEAC is an agency offering advice to the Minister or the Minister’s delegate on request for reconsideration issues as listed below.

The mandate of the FEAC is to hear requests for reconsideration from OSAP applicants according to criteria, and in areas of jurisdiction, as determined by the Minister, and to offer advice on those requests for reconsideration to the Minister or the Minister’s delegate.

The FEAC has jurisdiction to consider requests for reconsideration related to:

  • Family breakdown;
  • Exceptional parental expenses;
  • Pre-study income contribution;
  • Study period educational expenses;
  • Study period income contribution;
  • Expenses related to joint custody arrangements;
  • Loan overawards;
  • Asset contribution; and
  • Credit history.

The FEAC may review decisions the student’s FAA makes in accordance with this part of the Manual to ensure that due process was followed and that the assessment decision was correct (based on the documentation provided). The FEAC may also hear requests for reconsideration of credit check failures according to the criteria for credit check appeals as established by the Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities or the Canada Student Loans Program (CSLP). These criteria are communicated in the OSAP Application Guide, the OSAP website, and in literature sent directly to students.

The FEAC does not have jurisdiction to consider requests for reconsideration relating to:

  • Income verification;
  • Academic progress restrictions; and
  • Matters currently under review by the ministry. 

The FEAC consists of twenty-two members from the following categories: eight student representatives; six members of the public; and eight FAAs.

Processing Eligibility and Assessment Requests for Reconsideration

The objective of the request for reconsideration process is to ensure the fair treatment of all students participating in OSAP.

Circumstances may arise where either:

  • The FAA believes that a particular course of action should be taken even though it falls outside of the scope of the FAA’s administrative role; or,
  • The student believes the interpretation of policy made by the FAA is ‘unfair’.

In most cases the Student Awards & Financial Aid Office at the University of Windsor will be able to explain its policy interpretation by showing the student supporting policy guidelines and justifications from the Review Manual. In some cases, however, the students will wish to avail themselves of the request for reconsideration process.

No request for reconsideration will be considered by the FEAC unless:

  • A request for reconsideration is based on one or more areas of jurisdiction of the Committee; and
  • The student has requested a review by the FAA and the review decision was not in the student’s favour.

A request for reconsideration must be made in writing, by the student, to the OSAP FEAC. The appeal must set out the situation in detail and include documentation which supports the claims made by the student in the appeal. The Committee will not consider requests for reconsideration unless they are in writing and are complete. Incomplete requests for reconsideration and requests for reconsideration outside of the Committee’s jurisdiction will be vetted out by ministry staff and will not be heard by the Committee. Written notification by the Committee Secretariat to this effect will be provided to the student.

Students must submit the written request for reconsideration through the Student Awards & Financial Aid Office at the University of Windsor (Attention: Financial Aid Administrator).

The deadline for submitting requests for reconsideration is 8 weeks before the study period end date. 

Please be sure that all letters are legible, signed and dated and that your identifying information, such as your student number is clearly noted.  Letters form third parties must include contact information for the person who is corroborating the situation and making a recommendation.  Requests for an OSAP Review must be received BEFORE the final 8 weeks of your study period in order to be eligible for review.  Appeal decision generally take 4 to 6 weeks (a minimum of 8 weeks if the appeal must be forwarded to the Ministry for a decision).

Appeal Forms

Income Contribution Adjustments

Lower Estimate Income for the Current Year

Parental Contribution Issues

Other Restriction Issues

Bursary / Additional Need-Based Financial Support

  • Appeal for Bursary / Need-Based Bursary Assistance - Students experiencing extenuating financial hardship may request early consideration for need-based bursary assistance or a review of their need-based bursary assistance assessment.  Once you have completed the UWinAward Consideration Request and uploaded the required profile templates, contact the Student Awards & Financial Aid Office to discuss the Financial Hardship Appeal Process.

Exemptions for Non-Employment Income/Assets

The following non-employment income sources and assets can be exempt from the OSAP assessment:

  • Indian Residential School (IRS) Payments
  • Hepatitis C Compensation Payments
  • Pain and Suffering Awards (WSIB)
  • Locked-In Retirement Savings (LIRA, LIF, LRIF)
  • Pension Splitting Adjustments
  • Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) Withdrawals
  • Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) Withdrawals for Crown Wards



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